DevOps is all about collaboration

Collaboration is the latest enterprise buzzword. Collaboration applications like Slack, Atlassian HipChat, Microsoft Teams and Facebook Workplace didn’t even exist 10 years ago. Now it seems there are more collaboration tools than we know what to do with.

And every enterprise talks about the need for collaboration; Harvard Business Review even released a recent study on the issue. HBR found more than 80 percent of its readers feel collaboration technology is very or extremely important “for meeting their organizations’ top business goals.”

It’s a buzzword for a reason.

Embracing Collaboration

Embracing true collaboration in the workplace can drive positive change in how people work together. That’s why collaboration is a cornerstone of DevOps. Development and operations teams need to communicate effectively to be able to share work and drive positive business results.

“DevOps is about culture – it’s about bringing people together. It’s about learning new ways to do things, to collaborate and work in cross-functional teams,” said Jere Julian, EOS+ Advanced Services and Extensibility Engineer at Arista Networks.

Marcus Talken, Technical Lead for DevOps at Standard Bank, agrees. “DevOps is all about collaborating. It’s teams working together to deliver high quality software into production that customers can use.”

In fact, a recent Deloitte report found executives’ top priority for tackling complex business challenges was team organization. “Teams—and specifically, cross functional teams, enable faster communication, which brings faster decision making,” said Jeff Boss in Forbes. Companies that embrace DevOps – and cultivate a team culture of collaboration – operate with greater speed, efficiency and productivity.

Chef Encourages Collaboration

That’s why both Arista Networks and Standard Bank – along with other leading companies – use Chef. Chef encourages successful collaboration and makes it easier to deploy projects with many dependencies that span multiple teams.

Collaboration is integral to DevOps. In an industry where distributed workforces are becoming the norm and more work needs to be done at a faster pace, DevOps can’t succeed without collaboration.

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Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee