Explore DevOps, Infrastructure, Security and More at ChefConf 21: Online

ChefConf ’21: Online is fast approaching, and there are plenty of topics to keep you engaged and informed on what’s happening in the world of DevOps and IT. From infrastructure management to security and compliance, to Chef product updates, this event has something for everyone–no matter where your interests lie.

Beginning on September 7th, ChefConf ’21 will serve up keynotes, technical sessions, customer success stories, roundtable discussions, and more to help you learn something new about a particular topic or solution.

See what’s on the menu at ChefConf ’21!

Some of this year’s tracks and sessions include:


  • The Unofficially Official Guide for Config Management at Scale: As organizations shift to DevOps, automation, and configuration management are critical steps on this journey. Brittany Woods, server automation manager at H&R Block, will offer insight about how to drive automation forward in your organization.
  • Automatically Deliver Chef: An Agile Workflow: Join Stephanie Laingen, DevOps consultant and software engineer at TapHere! Technology, for a discussion about creating a reliable workflow that supports agile development and standardizes Chef coding practices.
  • DevSecOps from the Palm of Your Hand – On a Weekend: In this session, John Tonello, technical marketing manager at Progress, and Chris Kraus, product manager at Krista Soft, will cover how Krista and Chef give your team the power to conduct remediation processes from wherever you are.
  • Improve Your Automation to Reduce Toil: Mandi Walls, DevOps advocate at PagerDuty, will lead a conversation about what to keep in mind when building out your automation library. Walls will go over characteristics of good automation and offer a look at PagerDuty Rundeck, a platform that helps you share expertise with others in your organization.
  • Managing Developer Environments with Magic: Listen as Mendy Baitelman of Proedge discusses the company’s experience using Chef to shorten its new laptop setup from a multiday process to a simple script.

Security and Compliance

  • A Journey to Improve Infrastructure Compliance with InSpec: Learn more about InSpec with Cliffano Subagio, principal engineer at Shine Solutions. Subagio will introduce attendees to InSpec, explore the main use cases and benefits of using custom InSpec profiles, and more.
  • A Windows View into DevSecOps Success at Bluestem Brands: Hear how Bluestem Brands, the parent company to seven well-known eCommerce brands, streamlined operations and automated processes in a short period of time. Speakers will also share best practices for optimizing the management of Windows-based systems.
  • Assess the Security of Kubernetes with InSpec: Konrad Schieban, infrastructure cloud consultant at Google, and Aaron Lippold, principal cyber security engineer at MITRE, will explore how organizations can use InSpec to validate security and compliance settings on Kubernetes clusters.
  • DevSecOps Roundtable: Why Automation Matters: Join speakers from Aquia, ByteCheck, and Chef for a discussion about how DevSecOps and automation can deliver continuous compliance and security, as well as how DevSecOps practices can impact organizations from different industries.
  • UBS Case: Security Driven System Hardening at Scale: In this session, Joerg Weber, executive director at UBS will talk about security driven system hardening at scale and highlight security challenges faced at scaling the security practices by using Azure.

Infrastructure Management

  • How We Deployed Chef and Migrated from the Red Hat Satellite – The Tips, the Tricks, and the Gotchas: Speakers from Discount Tire will describe making the switch from using Red Hat Satellite to using Chef as their primary development tool.
  • Chef’ing with Terraform, the New Way: Kyle Ruddy of HashiCorp will go over what the deprecation of the Chef Provisioner means for existing Terraform configurations, give an overview of the alternative provisioners available, and demonstrate how to transition to a different provisioner without losing functionality.
  • Panel: Secrets Management in Complex Environments at Scale: Leaders from Chef and Akeyless will talk about the key challenges and considerations of choosing and implementing a secrets management solution.
  • Testing “Hardware” Cookbooks with Kitchen: Attendees of this session will hear Joe Nuspl, principal engineer of Workday, offering a new outlook on testing with kitchen. Nuspl will outline strategies to test hardware-specific cookbooks.
  • Cinc Project Update: This session will feature Lance Albertson, director of the Oregon State University Open Source Lab, covering how the Cinc Project is managed, the differences between using Cinc and using Chef, and how the team builds the software.

Chef Product Updates

  • Product Keynote: Chef product leadership team will be talking in greater depth about why Open Source matters so much to us, how we are focusing on delivering greater value to our customers, new features launched, and plans for our products.
  • Stories from the Edge: Join Progress Sr. Product Manager Trevor Hess as he leads discussions with a series of guests who will share their stories of edge computing challenges and using technologies like Chef to improve edge operations.
  • Evolving from Infrastructure as Code to Policy as Code: Traditional infrastructure as code approaches fail to account for regulatory or business security and compliance needs. Chef Infra Product Manager Tim Smith will review the fundamentals of Policy as Code and show how Chef is streamlining the delivery of Policy as Code.
  • Planning the Perfect App Deployment with Habitat: Kiah Tolliver, developer advocate at Progress Chef, will identify and examine the six components that make up the Application Manifest, as well as key considerations for each component.
  • Panel: Continuous Compliance and Productivity with Chef Desktop: Speakers from Progress and Chef will discuss challenges in implementing configuration management at scale, maintaining continuous compliance of the fleet, and obtaining visibility to and remediation of policy variances across desktop and laptop fleets in real time.

With 34 informative, engaging sessions featuring DevOps professionals from around the world and some of the best bands performing live, ChefConf ’21 is a can’t-miss event.

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