The Future of DevOps with our CTO Adam Jacob

Software is today’s competitive currency in every industry. And the most effective software delivery requires velocity and scale. DevOps is a working philosophy that helps companies change their culture and technology to drive performance in today’s digital economy. DevOps is reinventing how we run our businesses. But what does the future hold?

Our co-founder and CTO Adam Jacob sat down with gothamCulture’s Chris Cancialosi to share his thoughts on where our industry is headed and how leaders can be most effective in a DevOps environment. Here are a few key excerpts from the conversation:

While many companies are making the transition, no one has completed a DevOps journey yet. And the ones that do master these new ways of working in a sustainable way aren’t going to define their success by comparing themselves to the Googles and Facebooks. They are going to define their own version of success and they are going to break out in new and amazing ways.”

Leaders need to realize that implementing DevOps means changing the technology system as well as the cultural system. They must acknowledge that both are intertwined and, to be successful, both systems must evolve to drive velocity.”

Learning how to manage and lead by giving people context and information to make better decisions—versus giving them tickets or briefs—is how leaders and teams will thrive.

For more from Adam, check out the full interview in Forbes, watch his ChefConf keynote, and follow him on Twitter @adamhjk.

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Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee