Icinga and the Chef Partner Cookbook Program

We’re happy to announce that Icinga is now part of the Chef Partner Cookbook Program. They have certified the Icinga2 Cookbook which allows you to install and configure Icinga2 and the corresponding web interface Icingaweb2.


Icinga2 is an open-source tool for monitoring and metric collection. Its configuration is object based and rule-driven. Therefore, it enables you to treat your monitoring as code. The built-in cluster feature makes it easy to monitor even large and complex environments. A cluster can be either for high availability, distributed monitoring, dedicated agents on your servers or even all of these at the same time. The modular architecture of Icinga2 allows you to enable or disable features. By doing so, you can connect Icinga2 to multiple tools and embed it in your existing environment.


The corresponding web interface Icingaweb2 is a clean and fast interface that displays the state of all your hosts and services. Setting downtimes for maintenance works or acknowledging problems are just some of the basic features. You can extend and modify the whole interface with modules. Existing modules, such as the Director, add features to configure all your Icinga2 instances directly in the web interface. This can be done either by creating objects manually or by importing them from multiple sources such as your configuration management.

Chef Partner Cookbook Program

The Chef Partner Cookbook Program is a collaboration between Chef and the vendor to help validate cookbooks in our public supermarket.

Congratulations to Icinga2!

JJ Asghar

JJ works with Strategic Technical Alliances at Chef Software making integrations work with Chef, Habitat, and InSpec. He works on everything from Azure, VMware, OpenStack, and Cisco with everything in between. He also heads up the Chef Partner Cookbook Program to make sure customers of Chef and vendors get the highest quality certified cookbooks. He grew up and currently lives in Austin, Texas.