Chef’s Product team is pleased to announce the launch of, our new site for collecting and responding to product feedback.  The site hosts three feedback forums, one each for Chef, Analytics and Delivery.  The Delivery forum is currently invite-only for participants in the early access program, but will be made public in the future.
The Product and Engineering teams at Chef are incorporating this new feedback channel into our planning and prioritization, based on what we hear from all of you.  Effective today, becomes “source of truth” for Chef to respond to your product ideas.  We invite all of our users to visit the site to create their own requests, as well as to comment and vote on feedback from other members of the Chef community.
Requests for support should continue to be directed to [email protected] or by using our web-based ticket interface as described here.
This has no impact on the existing RFC process for Chef’s open source projects, which will remain as-is.  We anticipate that when appropriate, ideas from will flow into the RFC process. Bugs for open source Chef products will continue to be worked through github, but higher-level feature requests should be submitted here.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please post a comment below.  We want to make this tool as useful as it can be.  Now let’s get started!

Megan Gleason

Former Chef Employee