May 2021 Chef  Partner Webinar and ChefConf ‘21: Online News

This month, we begin with exciting news about ChefConf and then we’ll look at what you’ll get in our May Partner Webinar. 

ChefConf ‘21: Online

ChefConf ‘21: Online is a go for September 7 – 9! We will be completely virtual with a theme of “Helping Teams Accelerate Their DevOps Journeys.”  

The event will include all things DevSecOps, DevOps, Security and Compliance, Continuous Delivery, Infrastructure Management, Application Delivery, Desktop Management, and Compliance.   
You can join DevOps leaders and enthusiasts in these sessions and be the first one to know #ChefConf news by signing up here.

May Partner Webinar 

In the May 2021 Progress Chef Partner Webinar, here’s what we have covered:

  • Criteria to be a presenter in ChefConf ’21 
  • Awesome Chef Awards 
  • Call for Sponsorships 
  • Product Roadmap 
  • Pricing Updates 

Chef Product Roadmap 

In this segment, you’ll see how you can influence the product roadmap and contribute to accelerating the DevOps journey for the entire community. We have shared the process of collaborating with our Product Management team to share your ideas and how they can be implemented. You can start adding new ideas here: 

Pricing Updates 

We have also covered pricing updates with the repackaging details and the adjustments, followed by a live Q&A with Dan Hauenstein, VP of Chef Product Marketing, and benny Vasquez, Manager of Community and Developer Relations. 
Watch the on-demand version of the May 2021 Progress Chef Partner webinar here. 

Manasa C R

Manasa C R is a Marketing Partner Development Specialist at Progress