Ohai 0.6.4 released

We have a maintenance release of Ohai for you today.

Josh Pasqualetto found a regression in the EC2 plugin that was preventing nested data from being collected and provided the important fix. That makes him the MVP for this release! Thanks for getting right on that Josh.

Past Chef MVP Akzhan Abdulin added bundler support and a couple other fixes to make development a little easier for all of us.

James Harton provided a plugin that optionally collects IP address scope information with the ipaddr_extensions gem. This can help identifying private network interfaces.

We’ve also started populating the cloud plugin with Rackspace address information in the same way it is populated from EC2. This will help when writing cloud agnostic cookbooks.

Debian packages for Ohai 0.6.4 are already up on as well.

Thanks to everyone for their contributions and support!

OHAI-263 – Ohai 0.6.* not inserting ec2 metadata that has a trailing / from the API
OHAI-257 – Use Bundler to simplify development process
OHAI-258 – Detect IP address scope with ipaddr_extensions gem.
OHAI-265 – cloud plugin should expose additional meta data
OHAI-266 – rackspace plugin attributes should have consistent naming with the ec2 plugin

Bryan McLellan