Open Source Chef Training – Open Training

Today we announced the launch of our Open Training program in which we will make all of its enterprise training materials freely available to users of Chef. With today’s announcement, the Opscode "Chef Fundamentals" class will be released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0 License. The class is being made available free of charge to partners and customers who are interested in providing specialized Opscode training. Chef users are invited to request a copy of the training materials here:

"Cloud infrastructure should be more like today’s modern electrical infrastructure. Just like anyone can build an electrical circuit so should anyone be able to build cloud environments," said Randy Bias, CEO of Cloudscaling, a cloud computing consultancy based in the Bay Area. "Opscode’s Chef enables incredible agility by treating cloud infrastructure as code. Now, with Open Training, they have taken it one step further. The code to build the code is available under an open license for anyone to reuse. This is the only way to drive greater value and help destroy the walled gardens epitomized by much of the cloud community."

"This latest offering from Opscode’s Training, Services and Evangelism (TSE) group is being made available for free under creative commons license because we believe that the ability to build world-class, fully automated infrastructure should be made available to everyone," said John Willis, Vice President of the TSE group for Opscode. "As someone who has literally trained thousands of individuals, I understand just how critical it is to create a robust training ecosystem. We want to help foster a large and vibrant community of Chef experts and this Open Training program is the first of many steps we’re taking to help bring this vision to light."

John Willis