John Willis

New York Hack Day

Following on the success of the recent Atlanta, San Francisco and Chicago Hack Days, Saturday January 29th will be the first New York-area Chef Hack Day. Opscode will be in full attendance, multiple members from our evangelism team along with members from our core development team will be in town for the event.

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Chef on Steroids (Demo Tonight) at LOPSALA

Last week we had a Chef Hack day in Atlanta and I started working on a project I have wanted to do all year. We started a hack to build a multi-tier LAMP stack from scratch. The kicker is that I wanted it to be completely automated.

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Chef Training in Europe

Mr. Devops ( Patrick Debois) and the Chef Ninja (Joshua Timberman ) will be teaming up to teach a Chef Fundamentals class is Europe.

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Opscode Will Be At VMworld Next Week

A few of us from the Training, Services and Evangelism team will be presenting at VMworld next week.

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Cloudy Operations and Devops Presentation at OSCON 2010

Cloudy Operations – OSCON 2010 View more presentations from John Willis.

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Chef Java Configuration on Google App Engine

Using tools like Chef, you can connect metal or cloud provisioning to your configuration and systems integration process. For example, you can use the tool knife to provision cloud nodes and also register them in chef.

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What Devops Means to Me

I have been in IT operations for over 30 years and I have seen a lot of good and bad ideas come and go.  I have been following the Devops movement for over a year now and I have kept my eyes very focused to the Devops radar.

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Chef Training Class in San Francisco 7/26/2010

Chef Fundamentals (3 Days) Chef Fundamentals is a three-day comprehensive class covering the basic architecture of Chef and all of the underlying components. We will be covering installation basics of Chef Client and Chef Solo. Other topics will include: creating Chef repositories, creating cookbooks and advanced using of the new command line utility called Knife.

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Open Source Chef Training – Open Training

Today we announced the launch of our Open Training program in which we will make all of its enterprise training materials freely available to users of Chef. With today’s announcement, the Opscode "Chef Fundamentals" class will be released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0 License.

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NY City Ruby Group Meetup – Chef is on the Menu

Meeting Place and Time We usually meet on the second Tuesdays of the month: Check this space or the mailing list for details. Location and Directions Next Meeting Tuesday, July 13th, 2010, 7:00 p.m. AOL 770 Broadway, 6th Floor Chef Overview by John Willis VP of Services IRC Find us on FreeNode in #nyc.

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