John Willis

Chef Training Class in Seattle 4/26/2010

Chef Fundamentals (3 Days) Chef Fundamentals is a three-day comprehensive class covering the basic architecture of Chef and all of the underlying components. We will be covering installation basics of Chef Client and Chef Solo. Other topics will include: creating Chef repositories, creating cookbooks and advanced using of the new command line utility called Knife.

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Chef Flies The Atlantic 2010

Joshua Timberman, Sr Solutions Engineer, will be presenting Chef at the Linux Open Administration Days in Antwerp Belgium on Saturday April 10th. This is the first time Opscode will be doing a product presentation in Europe. Wish Josh luck on #chef on IRC or @jtimberman .

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Upcoming Training: Configuring Nagios on AWS with Chef

Join us for a Webex Session – Configuring Nagios on AWS with Chef Date: Friday, March 26, 2010 Time: 11:00 am, Pacific Daylight Time (San Francisco, GMT-07:00) Instructor: Adam Jacob, Opscode CTO Come spend a little time with Adam Jacob, CTO and Founder of Opscode, while he demonstrates how to instrument a cloud-based infrastructure with […]

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AWSome Atlanta February 2010

Great write up from Chris Curtin ( “Chris’ Tech Blog” ) on last nights Atlanta Cloud Meetup (AWSome). Josh Timberman gave a Chef and the Cloud presentation. It was the largest turnout in "AWSome’s two year history. Great job Josh.

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Does Automation Replace Humans?

Somewhere in a land a long time ago, there was this steel factory in the heartland of Pennsylvania. In this steel factory there was a bulletin board on a factory floor room, and on the board were two large posters.

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Adam Jacob and John Willis to attend first Opscamp in Austin

The cloud has lowered the barrier to entry for businesses to own a data center; however, it has not decreased the complexity of managing applications and data center operations.

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Chef Cooks In Atlanta

The week of February 8th Opscode will be having some fun in Atlanta. Josh Timberman @jtimberman, one of the Opscode senior engineers, will be in Atalanta to do some work with Chef community in Atlanta. Here are some of the highlights for that week.

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