Practical Guide to Cloud Migration with Chef

Organizations are migrating workloads to the cloud at breakneck speed, and it’s not difficult to see why. Cloud providers offer the ability to provision new environments and infrastructure on demand, allowing fleets to be scaled with unparalleled speed and efficiency. Costly and complex to maintain network and storage hardware can be replaced with vendor-managed services. The benefits of a cloud migration are numerous and profound, but migrating successfully takes careful planning.

Our latest white paper, Practical Guide to Cloud Migration with Chef, focuses first on articulating the challenges organizations face when planning a cloud deployment. Though cloud vendors provide a variety of tools to address day-to-day operational needs, understanding where their responsibilities end and yours begin can be difficult at first glance. Even once you’re familiar with your responsibilities in the cloud, the ability manage newly created cloud environments alongside the traditional data centers your teams are already responsible for requires consistency in tooling and workflows to ensure work isn’t duplicated between these environments. Finally, as you continue to grow, you may look to deploy content into multiple clouds, and being able to adapt existing processes to multiple vendors becomes crucial.

Thankfully, Chef helps address all of these challenges! The remainder of the paper provides examples of how Chef’s abstractions and integrations can help you understand and verify your responsibilities in the cloud, maintain hybrid environments under a single configuration codebase, and apply audits and configurations consistently across cloud environments with a single workflow. It also touches on how Chef Automate can be used to maintain visibility into how your environments are changing, whether in a single environment, or across a multitude of platforms and cloud vendors.

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