Progress Chef Has A Brand-New Support and Learning Hub. Here’s What You Need to Know.

As a company that strongly believes that its community is its foundation, Progress Chef strives continuously to provide customer experiences that are meaningful, engaging, and seamless. As a part of this journey, we are delighted to announce that we are migrating from our current support site to a freshly minted Progress Chef Support & Learning Hub. As our community continues to grow and evolve, we believe this new hub will provide you with enhanced opportunities to engage and connect with us at Progress Chef. 

Progress Chef Aha! Ideas portal is undergoing an internal migration to provide you with an enhanced user experience. You will be able to submit product enhancement requests using the same URL and your existing Progress ID. Please refer to this detailed FAQ to learn more. 

As with any change, we understand you might be concerned about your existing profile and data from the previous Supportlink site. Rest assured that we have planned this migration meticulously to ensure a seamless transfer. 

We are excited to have you explore our new site. Read on to learn how this change benefits you. 

Where Did We Come From…Where Do We Go? 

Until now, Chef’s SupportLink site has been hosted at On July 20th, 2023, we will move our support to the all-new Progress Chef Support & Learning Hub hosted at

Why Are We Migrating? 

In addition to standardizing our processes to align with the rest of the Progress portfolio, the new Progress Chef Support & Learning Hub offers additional functionality and benefits, such as deeper search capabilities, notifications, and download features that were previously unavailable on our earlier support site. Customers need not worry about their profile details, Progress Login or even ticket information, as they will remain the same after migration. Read on to learn more about the benefits. 

How Will You Benefit from the New Progress Chef Support & Learning Hub? 

The new support hub provides additional features and benefits that will enable you to continue your journey with Chef in a smooth and consistent manner. Some of the features that you as a customer can benefit from are: 

  • Key Chef Resources and Links: Easily access all key Chef resources and links on the new hub in one place. 
  • Knowledge Base Articles: Improved ‘search’ functionality will assist you in finding relevant articles to solve your questions/issues with ease.
  • Product Documentation, Troubleshooting and Configuration: You can access all documents about the product, including troubleshooting and configuration on the hub. 
  • Product Downloads: You can easily access and download all paid-for products from the hub itself.
  • Submitting Support tickets: Leverage the same process to submit your tickets with the added benefit of a new feature that suggests relevant knowledge-based articles to assist you. 
  • Latest updates: Get timely updates on new product releases, upgrades and more.
  • Program notifications: Receive advance notifications about events such as enablement webinars, Chef Conferences and more.
  • Access to Chef Learning Center: Leverage content on the learning center, including How-To videos and other useful educational material.
  • Quick access to Learn Chef: Gain access to Chef training via the new hub.
Progress Chef has many more upcoming features designed to make your experience on the hub beneficial and enjoyable. Please get in touch with your respective CSMs or Account Managers if you need clarification on any of the features discussed above. 

What Should You Do? 

If you already have an existing Progress ID, you don’t have to do anything at all. You can log into the new site with the same credentials, and we promise you that your data, profile, downloads, and tickets will all be there. There will be no change in your access level. 

If you are worried about your bookmarked links, rest assured that your links will get redirected to the new site, seamlessly continuing your journey with Chef. The process for opening tickets remains the same. Additionally, the new site contains onboarding videos that will help you perform the tasks faster.  

However, if you do not yet have a Progress ID, please click here to create one today. 


In conclusion, our new support channel is geared towards our goal to provide engaging experiences to our customers continuously. With the features provided on our new support hub, we hope to assist you in your journey with Progress Chef in a meaningful and fulfilling way. By creating features such as streamlined ticketing to self-serve options for search, we are committed to making support more accessible and efficient.  

Stay tuned for more updates about this hub as we develop more exciting features to assist you every step of the way! 

For any queries regarding this migration, please send an email to [email protected]



Smitha Ravindran

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