Progress ChefConf ‘23 Offers a Free Certification for Career Advancement

Progress ChefConf '23 is only a few weeks away in Seattle, Washington (from September 26 to 27) and, not too long after that, Munich, Germany (from October 12 to 13). Several tracks will be dedicated to configuration management and security and compliance to strategy and leadership, and there will be opportunities to grow your professional network. 

One aspect of the two-day event we want to highlight are the opportunities to become a certified expert on Chef products.   

Are you curious to know what ChefConf '23 has in store for registrants? Read on below.   

Earn a free Associate Chef certification at ChefConf '23   

As a ChefConf '23 attendee, you'll have the exclusive opportunity to earn a free Associate Chef certification. ChefConf offers attendees a chance to improve their skill sets and professional credentials every year. Those who complete the certification program before or during Chef ChefConf will receive a Chef Certified Associate Engineer certificate. If you take it post-ChefConf, however, this program is $199.  
In conjunction with our anticipated launch of our on-demand, self-paced training offering Learn Chef Premium, the new certification program will be available in early September 2023, just in time for our yearly conference. We are eager to allow attendees to demonstrate their Chef expertise through these learnings. The certification program is on-demand and is self-paced, much like our other learning programs. It also does not take days or weeks to complete; the Associate Chef program should roughly take three hours or less to earn your certification. So, whether you have some free time before the conference or are winding down post-conference, it is made with your convenience in mind.  
This is an evolution of our previous certification program designed to help our customers and improve Chef's in-house talent. So, it made sense to have our attendees have access to this new certification.  

We have been looking at a specific persona for the Chef Associate program. And we are sure to see this attendee at ChefConf ‘23. The Chef Associate certification will be helpful for people with operational experience; those who know how to write cookbooks and can successfully deploy it in a functional environment. 

And during ChefConf, there will be several chances to start using their skills during other sessions.  

Dive into an ocean of technical workshops or mingle with the greater Chef community 

Attendees can learn new best practices for their organizations and pick up techniques to harness the full potential of Chef in your DevOps workflows. They will be able to put their practical knowledge into hands-on technical workshops. 
Who knows, you can use your free certification during one of these workshops. 

Of course, what conference would be complete without networking opportunities? Whether it is during a panel discussion or at Chef After Dark party, there are plenty of wide-open spaces to mingle with other members of the Chef community and the DevOps community at large.   

What will you get out of ChefConf '23?   

At every ChefConf, we always look for opportunities for our community to boost their Chef expertise and skillset. We have considered this when creating something new for our attendees this year. We are excited to launch Learn Chef Certify for our community. But remember, you don’t have to pay for the certificate program if you register for ChefConf ‘23. And if you do it after the Seattle or Munich events, it will be $199.  
Are there any other aspects of ChefConf '23 you are excited about? Are you still interested in attending but still need to register? If you want to attend our Seattle or Munich event, register today to take advantage of our early bird pricing.  


Dan Choquette

Dan Choquette is a Director of Services at Progress Software.