Raising a Toast to Celebrate Our 11th Year of ChefConf - “Simplifying Complexities”

What’s so special about the number 11? Yes, you guessed right...we've celebrated 10 great years of ChefConf, and we're moving on to year number 11. A decade has rolled by on a whooping roller coaster ride and now, we are embarking on the next ChefConf journey in our quest for “Simplifying Complexities”.

So, sit tight, strap on your belts, and welcome ChefConf ‘22 - The most exciting DevOps conference of the year. Every year ChefConf delivers the best content, the best connections, and the best foundations to build on. We promise opportunities galore for all of us to keep abreast of this express charged tech environment in which we thrive, and to learn from many insightful industry insights, delivered in an unforgettable atmosphere of excitement and camaraderie. One thing is for sure, this user conference will leave you overjoyed, empowered, super confident and of course, enthralled!

This year's theme is "Simplifying Complexities", and we will bring together the world's leading experts in DevOps, DevSecOps, and IT to discuss the latest innovations in DevOps practices and in the Progress Chef portfolio. You will engage with the best in the industry, and update yourself through keynotes, technical sessions, and much more.


Here's to once again thanking all our speakers, customers, and community folks for their invaluable contributions that have made a decade of ChefConf so memorable and successful. And a special toast of thanks to the wonderful people who attended wholeheartedly to make ChefConf what it is today.


As a way of recognizing all who make ChefConf such a special place to gather, learn and grow, we intend to splurge big time on unlimited giveaways this year, and the big question on your minds is What`s on the “Bring on the Fun” table? Though we'd like to tell it all, here's what we can tell you (psst…what’s life without a little mystery and suspense?)

  • Contests, Contests, Contests…Lots of excitement with many fun-filled sports!
  • Pick your brains and delve into your intellectual store with puzzles, brain games and whatnot!
  • Enjoy engaging interactions, for a totally unique experience with fulfillment and satisfaction!

All this with a promise of a reward for each winner. You read that right! We've got lots of prizes and giveaways on the anvil. Be assured, these will bring out your best skills while keeping you completely engaged.


Just 3 steps to participate in the giveaway

  • Visit any of our social channels LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to check out the new contest every Thursday starting from August 4 to September 14 at 9:00 AM PT with #CelebrateChefConf.
  • Follow the instructions and participate within the given time period.
  • Grab a limited edition ChefConf swag!
  • Winners will be announced on our social channels after each contest ends.

*Terms and conditions apply!

If you think 2021 was good, wait until you see 2022 --it's whippin' awesome! Come celebrate our 11th ChefConf with us. Prepare to learn, engage, have fun, network, meet like-minded people virtually, and boost in-demand skills and much more!

Grab your ticket now!


S Vishnupriya

Vishnupriya is a Digital Marketing Manager at Progress Chef.