Reason #38 to attend ChefConf 2019: To Learn

In case you haven’t already been exposed to the awesomeness of ChefConf, there are a couple key things to expect: learning, networking, and, most importantly of all, FUN! (Of course, there are a plethora of reasons to attend ChefConf, but we can only publish so many blog posts on the subject…)

In this installment of Reasons to attend ChefConf 2019, we are going to focus on the learning side of things.

With keynotes, breakout sessions, workshops, and a hack day; learning is what ChefConf is all about. At ChefConf 2019 you will hear how industry leaders are solving their automation problems, attend workshops focused on building overall knowledge, sit down with contemporaries to share insights, attend certification trainings to prepare you for your next career step, and attend hack day to get hands on practice using your new learnings.


In previous years, ChefConf has included keynotes from leaders like Sue Taylor from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Kelsey Hightower from Google, and Carmen Krueger from SAP NS2, discussing their industry views, as well as how their teams successfully use DevOps to automate their application, infrastructure, and compliance processes. You can view previous years’ speakers here.

ChefConf keynotes focus on bringing in unique viewpoints from innovators and do-ers across the industry in order to spark forward thinking and help drive transformative conversations within your team’s projects and workflows. We’re excited to bring you more great speakers this year, with a kick-ass lineup soon to be announced.


While Keynotes are exciting and highlight large-scale successes, there will be over 70 breakout sessions led by your peers in the Chef community. These are sessions submitted through our CFP process (which is accepting submissions through Jan 22!).

This years’ sessions will be grouped in the tracks below and aim to provide skills, training, conversation, and innovation to a variety of skill-sets and interests.

Compliance Automation
Application Automation
People, Process, and Teams
Cloud, Microservices, and Modern Architectures
Delivering Delight
Doing Change
Don’t Label Me!


“What was my favorite part of ChefConf 2018? Definitely the hands-on workshops.”

– 2018 ChefConf Attendee

We have 11 full-day workshops that will cover automation topics tailored to people of varying experience levels. All the workshops emphasize hands-on learning and are taught by Chef experts and IT thought leaders from all backgrounds. You can see the specifics on the workshops being offered on the ChefConf 2019 page.

These workshops take place on Monday (the day before we kick off) and sell out fast. So make sure to register soon to get your seat in the session of choice!

Certification Trainings

We want you to be successful when you take any of our Chef certification exams. We will offer exam prep sessions throughout the week and there is no cost to attend. Plus, after attending a prep session, you will be provided a voucher for for two free certification exams that you can take within six months of the conference!

Chef certification prep courses will be held Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and Thursday morning. They tend to fill up quickly, so register for ChefConf now and select that you are interested in Chef Certifications and we will send you additional information about the Chef certification program.

Hack Day

Don’t leave ChefConf without getting hands on! Put new ideas to work with your fellow ChefConf attendees during Friday’s HackDay. Bring a problem you’ve been working on, join other attendees on a project, and make new friends. The day will be organized by YOU to work on what excites YOU!

What Are Your Waiting For? Register Today!

ChefConf 2019 is designed from the ground up to deliver the strategies, tactics and insights for application delivery organizations. Whether you are creating app delivery strategies for hybrid platforms, sharpening your skills in infrastructure modernization, or automating compliance to ease the pain and efficacy of audits, ChefConf  has the right content from the experts in the DevOps community.

Register before March 1st to take advantage of the Early Bird rate of $695.00.

For further details and information on workshops, visit our pricing page.

Need help justifying the trip? We started the conversation for you with our justification letter.

Relive the awesome-ness of ChefConfs of the past: watch videos from last year!

Always wanted to speak at ChefConf? Have a great DevOps presentation? Show what you know with the Chef community! Submit your talk for ChefConf 2019.

Matt Lyman

Matt Lyman worked on the marketing team at Progress Chef, where he helped drive programs and operations. When he wasn't at the office, he was hanging with his kids, riding his bike, and being terrible at poker.