Matt Lyman

Matt Lyman worked on the marketing team at Progress Chef, where he helped drive programs and operations. When he wasn't at the office, he was hanging with his kids, riding his bike, and being terrible at poker.

An Award-Winning Way to Start 2020

Chef Rings in 2020 with Multiple Industry Award Wins for Chef EAS and Chef InSpec Chef is kicking off 2020 on a high note announcing five new industry awards signifying our ongoing recognition from the industry as the DevOps leader.

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Reason #23 to attend ChefConf 2019: Networking

The truth about attending “corporate” events is that there needs to be a way to justify  WHY you need to be there. Some reasons you can use are the amazing workshops and breakout sessions that will give you new tools and knowledge to drive the team and business forward.

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Reason #38 to attend ChefConf 2019: To Learn

In case you haven’t already been exposed to the awesomeness of ChefConf, there are a couple key things to expect: learning, networking, and, most importantly of all, FUN!

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ChefConf 2019 is coming home to Seattle!

Any time there is a televised sporting event in Seattle you can be certain that you will see someone throwing a fish, you will hear about coffee, they will show you the Space Needle, and they will go to commercial playing hits by Nirvana, Pearl Jam, or Soundgarden. And we love it.

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