Reason #23 to attend ChefConf 2019: Networking

The truth about attending “corporate” events is that there needs to be a way to justify  WHY you need to be there. Some reasons you can use are the amazing workshops and breakout sessions that will give you new tools and knowledge to drive the team and business forward.

But what about the connections you can make? The people you can meet who you can ask questions to later, who might have an amazing business that will save you money? And how ‘bout the word-of-mouth you create when you meet someone new?

Pitching your attendance at an event and leading with networking may seem strange, but we can help.

The right people in the room

Chef’s solutions are used by members of many different teams across all verticals, and therefore, attendees of ChefConf are the people you want to meet. From C-Levels at large financial institutions to developers at small non-profits to systems admins for your favorite social media platforms, you will be in the room with the people changing their respective industries.

With the right mix from around the world, ChefConf provides attendees with the opportunity to meet and learn from others you may never have a chance to meet otherwise.

New solutions to old problems

Have a big problem you need to solve? These are the people who can help. Your question, someone can answer. Your problem, someone has a solution. But you won’t know until you get to ask.

And yes, we have sponsors and a trade-floor for you to peruse for that tool that might fill out your stack. You never know when that company that gives out that sweet t-shirt (I’m looking at you Datadog) will surprise you with a solution to your biggest data visualization problems. Maybe you are in need of professional services and you run into someone from Indellient that can help. Or you need help with some implementation, and you have lunch next to a new #ChefFriend from Orasi.

ChefConf 2019 puts you in the room with people who have the solutions to your problems. As I have been prone to say in the past: “someone has solved this.”

Be a brand ambassador

Brand awareness is huge in business: how can anyone buy your product if they don’t know who you are. So show them. Get in the room, participate in the discussion, and bring your elevator pitch. Everyone is in marketing, and when you get in a room at ChefConf 2019 you will be able to tell everyone why your company is the best at what they do, why they should buy your product, use your solution, or pay for your service.

And that exposure to the Chef Community only happens when you are in the room.

So start the conversation with your boss/coworkers/friends/family, and start planning your trip to ChefConf! Register by 3/1 for Early Bird prices, which gets you $300 off passes and discounted workshops.

Don’t forget about the learning opportunities as well!

Still need help justifying the trip? We started the conversation for you with our justification letter.

For further details and information on workshops & trip planning, visit our pricing page.

Relive the awesome-ness of ChefConfs of the past: watch videos from last year!

Matt Lyman

Matt Lyman worked on the marketing team at Progress Chef, where he helped drive programs and operations. When he wasn't at the office, he was hanging with his kids, riding his bike, and being terrible at poker.