Relativity’s Cloud Theory Becomes Reality with Azure, Chef, and 10th Magnitude

Bringing your companies platform to the cloud with the goal of developing software with speed requires a solid strategy and key partner integration. Relativity, an e-discovery platform for litigation, internal investigations, and compliance projects, realized together with Microsoft Azure, Chef Automate, and 10th Magnitude, this could be a reality.

In 2016, Relativity was working to introduce their new cloud product RelativityOne. As part of the product strategy, they had to select a key cloud partner. They were already using Microsoft Stack, so selecting Microsoft Azure made sense from a technology and business standpoint.

This immense operation presented many challenges. With multiple environments and hundreds of servers with no one way to assess the server status, they had to bring in configuration management. They selected Chef Automate specifically because of Chef’s proven framework and online resources, including the community of Chef developers and users who are always willing to help.

Further challenges came when Relativity had a need to check changes, quickly and easily. They realized they needed 10th Magnitude, an Azure expert, to facilitate tool implementation.

  • Microsoft Azure brought flexibility and scalability.  
  • 10th Magnitude brought integration tools.  
  • Chef Automate brought measurable results with setup hours reduced, system administrators higher productivity, and consistent environments with dramatically increased availability. With InSpec, Relativity’s compliance tool gives them security for their large volumes of data.

In 2018, the three partners continue to work with Relativity in new product enhancements and platform development. Take a look at the more detailed case study to understand how Chef Automate, Microsoft Azure, and 10th Magnitude brought Relativity’s cloud theory to reality. 

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Sheila Breysse

Sheila is the Partner Marketing Manager of the Marketing team at Chef. Sheila has been at Chef for over a year driving our cloud partners marketing strategy and execution. She has over fifteen years of experience marketing in the technology industry.