Sheila Breysse

Sheila is the Partner Marketing Manager of the Marketing team at Chef. Sheila has been at Chef for over a year driving our cloud partners marketing strategy and execution. She has over fifteen years of experience marketing in the technology industry.

Relativity’s Cloud Theory Becomes Reality with Azure, Chef, and 10th Magnitude

Bringing your companies platform to the cloud with the goal of developing software with speed requires a solid strategy and key partner integration. Relativity, an e-discovery platform for litigation, internal investigations, and compliance projects, realized together with Microsoft Azure, Chef Automate, and 10th Magnitude, this could be a reality.

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Updating to Chef 14 on AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate

April was a big month for us at Chef. During this month we released Chef 14, a friendlier easier Chef. With more than 30 new resources added, this is, by far the fastest and easiest to use, Chef version yet.

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Chef and Microsoft Azure e-guide to infrastructure as code

Chef and Microsoft have released an e-guide on infrastructure as code (IaC) on Azure. IaC gives you the basic structure that allows systems to replicate automatically across any number of virtual machines, cloud instances, or containers – in a matter of minutes.

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