Chef and Microsoft Azure e-guide to infrastructure as code

Chef and Microsoft have released an e-guide on infrastructure as code (IaC) on Azure. IaC gives you the basic structure that allows systems to replicate automatically across any number of virtual machines, cloud instances, or containers – in a matter of minutes.

IaC Success Stories

IaC helps to easily adapt your entire infrastructure, across the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment – covering all your environments. This e-guide helps you to understand how a major US airline took one use case with identifiable and manageable scope to understand and learn how IaC really delivers outcomes at speed.

Get a glimpse of how NCR had to go fast and go big with IaC for the Super Bowl  – where they provisioned a huge number of servers very rapidly and were required to make them consistent with tight deadlines.

Chef and Azure

Finally the e-guide provides examples of what to be wary of and how Chef and Azure deliver a platform and the computing power to continuously automate infrastructure, applications and compliance.

Download the e-guide!

Learn more at ChefConf

To learn more on how Chef and Azure work together, join us at ChefConf 2018 in Chicago, Illinois – May 22-25, 2018. Microsoft is hosting a workshop on Automating Chef with the Microsoft Platform. You might also be interested in these breakout sessions:

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