Release: Chef Client 11.18.0

Ohai Chefs,

We’ve just released Chef 11.18.0. This release includes the following changes:

## 11.18.0

* Fix an issue where knife could load commands from a different
version of chef in ChefDK. ChefDK #227
* Removed dependencies on the ‘json’ gem, replaced with ffi-yajl. Use Chef::JSONCompat library for parsing and printing.
* Issue 2027 Allow recipe using `dsc_script` opportunity to install Powershell 4 or higher
* Issue 2169 Attempt to converge DSC configurations with resources that do not correctly support what-if
* **Seth Vargo**
Issue 2345 Allow knife to install cookbooks with metadata.json

## How to get it?

You can visit our download page.

Additionally you can use this command to download the latest version of the Chef Client on platforms other than windows:

curl -L | sudo bash -s -\- -v 11.18.0

For Windows, you can download this version using this link: Chef Client 11.18.0

## Important Links
* Chef Mailing Lists: chef and chef-dev
* File a new Chef Client issue on GitHub Issues

Jay Mundrawala