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Chef Client 12.4.1 Released

Ohai Chefs, We’ve just released Chef Client 12.4.1. This release fixes regressions that were in Chef Client 12.4.0. I’ve listed the changes that below: * #3605 Rework `Resource#action` to match 12.

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Chef Client 12.4.0 Released

Ohai Chefs, We’ve just released Chef Client 12.4.0. This release has a lot of new things: Better logging options, Windows experience improvements, Resource DSL enhancements, and much more. You can read about some of the changes below. A full list of changes can be found in the changelog.

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Chef Client 12.2.1 Released

Ohai Chefs, We’ve just released Chef Client 12.2.1. We were forced to pull Chef Client 12.2.0 on Friday because of a blocking issue where having an unset HOME directory would cause `chef-client` to crash while starting up. This release fixes the issue. ## How do I get it? You can visit our download page.

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Chef Client 12.2.0 Released

Ohai Chefs, Update Sat Mar 28 00:28:04 UTC 2015: Chef 12.2.0 has a regression that will prevent you from running chef-client in situations where the HOME environment variable is unset. This will likely break anybody running chef-client as a service. We are currently working on getting a release out.

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Chef Client 12.1.1 Released

Ohai Chef, We’ve just released Chef Client 12.1.1. This release includes a fixes for regressions reported from the Chef Client 12.1.0 release.

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Chef Client 12.1.0 Released

Ohai Chefs, Today, we’re excited to announce that Chef Client 12.1.0 is now available. This release brings with it many new features and bug fixes. Below are some of the highlights. For more information, check out the changelog, release notes, and doc changes.

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Chef 11.18.6 Released

Ohai Chefs, We’ve just released Chef 11.18.6. This release pins the cacerts bundle to a known working version, which should work around issues where SSL connections would fail due to certificate errors. ## Wait… You skipped 11.18.2 and 11.18.4 I found minor issues with both of these releases (incorrect hyperlinks, incorrect gem version).

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ChefDK 0.3.6 Released!

Hi Chefs, Today we released ChefDK 0.3.6. This release includes a bunch of new stuff: * Custom generator cookbooks can now be configured in your config.rb/knife.rb * `chef generate` will now generate ChefSpec tests for new recipes, and ServerSpec tests when a kitchen.

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Release: Chef Client 11.18.0

Ohai Chefs, We’ve just released Chef 11.18.0. This release includes the following changes: ## 11.18.0 * Fix an issue where knife could load commands from a different version of chef in ChefDK. ChefDK #227 * Removed dependencies on the ‘json’ gem, replaced with ffi-yajl. Use Chef::JSONCompat library for parsing and printing.

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Chef 10.34.6 Released!

Hi Chefs, We have just release Chef 10.34.6. This release contains bash 3.1 updated to patch level 23, which provides security updates for Shellshock related vulnerabilities CVE-2014-6271, CVE-2014-6271, CVE-2014-6278, CVE-2014-7186, CVE-2014-7187. You can download this release for Windows using this link: Chef Client 10.34.

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