Release: Enterprise Chef Server 11.2.5

Hello Chefs,

We’re pleased to announce the release of Enterprise Chef Server 11.2.5.

What’s New

  • Chef Client 12 support. As you may have heard Chef Client 12 is coming soon.  Since Chef Client 12 is API compatible with Enterprise Chef Server 11, we’ve updated the server to accept the new client.  If you’d like to use Chef Client 12 without upgrading, you can override the `lb[‘chef_max_version’]` attribute. Open source Chef Server 11.1.6 and 12.0.0-rc.5 are already Chef Client 12 ready.
  • Slow postgresql query logging.  A new setting for logging slow postgresql queries has also been added in this Enterprise release.  It is controlled through the `[‘private_chef’][‘postgresql’][‘log_min_duration_statement’]` attribute and disabled by default.  More details can be found in the postgresql configuration file.

Bug Fix

* [OC-11769] make `oc_chef_authz` a tunable in `private-chef.rb`

What about 11.2.4?

No release announcement was ever sent for the 11.2.4 release, but it was live for a brief time. If you installed 11.2.4 during this time it is recommended you upgrade to 11.2.5. 11.2.4 was found to have a regression where add ons may not work properly depending on your firewall and CouchDB settings.

You can read the full list of changes in the CHANGELOG that is maintained for the Enterprise Chef Server.


Contact your sales representative for a link to download the patched version of Enterprise Chef.

Upgrade Instructions

Follow the upgrade instructions on the Chef Documentation site:

Standalone Installations
HA Installations
HA Upgrade Notes

Reporting Issues

If you encounter any issues with this release, open a GitHub issue against the Chef Server GitHub repository and we’ll look into it.


Former Chef Employee