Securing Access in Cloud Environments with Saviynt and Chef

The days where we wondered whether or not our organization would choose to migrate workloads to the cloud are long behind us. Today the question is not if we’ll move these workloads, but how many, and how quickly we can do so. As more and more of us undergo cloud migration initiatives, we find we must also adapt how we secure our environments to meet the cloud’s shared responsibility model. Our cloud provider is responsible for ensuring the platform itself is secured, but it’s still on us to ensure our estate is secured within that platform. To deliver value at velocity without sacrificing security, it’s imperative to have a consistent way to automate how we provide access to and evaluate the security posture of our environments.

Thankfully, Saviynt and Chef provide solutions to meet this challenge head on in any cloud, and across hybrid cloud environments. We recently presented a joint webinar which gave an overview of the problems Saviynt and Chef can help solve, as well as a live demonstration of our tools. If you missed the webinar, the recording is now available on-demand!


Saviynt Privileged Access Management

Even in on premises environments, infrastructure requirements and complexity have grown at a steady pace, making privileged access management processes difficult to scale. This difficulty only increases as organizations migrate workloads to the cloud, with the speed and scale of change making it difficult to apply and audit access consistently. Saviynt’s PAM solution provides organizations with a way to centralize the management of access requests and grants, ensuring that direct access to systems is temporary and audited by default. This allows organizations to maximize security without preventing their teams from getting work done quickly. Saviynt also provides detailed analytics of account activity, and facilities for taking action in response to that data — for example, closing an active session or suspending access from a user account with suspicious activity.

With Saviynt, you can move at the velocity your customers demand without sacrificing insight into and control over access to your mission-critical environments.

Continuous Compliance with Chef Automate

Cloud environments bring with them new ways to manage everything from storing data, to configuring networks, to deploying databases. Chef Automate provides a holistic way to validate the security of your entire cloud estate by providing both integrations with cloud providers’ APIs, and InSpec profiles for ensuring your infrastructure and your cloud services are all securely configured. These built-in profiles are based on the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Benchmarks, which can be used either to enforce organizational security standards, or as a baseline for formal regulatory compliance. By providing facilities to continuously scan and audit your entire cloud estate, Chef Automate ensures you never lose sight of your security posture and remain audit-ready at any time.

What’s Next?

Be sure to join us on Thursday, February 21st for another live webinar, Reduce Audit Pain with Continuous Compliance, where we’ll dive into how Chef helps financial institutions move faster while maintaining audit readiness. To learn more about Saviynt and Chef in the meantime…

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Nick Rycar

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