Sous-Chef Community Leaders 2019

Thank you all for voting on the board of Sous-Chefs Community Leaders. Voting has now closed and the results are in.


We would like to wish our fond farewells to the members of the board who have chosen to step down: Dan and Joseph have been instrumental in Sous-Chefs and will be missed. Some of their great achievements are:

  • The direction and rewrite of resource driven cookbooks that has been a great uptake in the community
  • CI improvements that make releasing cookbooks easy and safe
  • Rewriting the Apache2 cookbook

We wish them all the best and hope that they remain active members of the community

Board of 2019

We would like to introduce and welcome the Sous-Chefs board:

Tim Smith

Tas50 is continuing on in his Leadership position within Sous-Chef. Tim has been pivotal to Sous-Chefs and has aided in writing better cookbooks along with some amazing work for Chef, which has allowed us to automate more testing and test fixes than ever before. We are grateful for his continuing work with us!

John Roesler

John is new to the board this year and has been an active member of the Sous-Chefs community. In the last year, he has been working a lot on the HaProxy cookbook along with all the other cookbooks we mange. We are really excited to have him join us!

Jason Field

Xorima is new to the board this year and has been active in Sous-Chefs over the past year and he was awarded Awesome Community Chef at ChefConf London. He has been predominantly focused on helping us move to the new CircleCI build pipeline and has worked to ensure all our cookbooks can pass their tests. We look forward to what he has to bring to the board!

We look forward to the work they will do to help the community grown and thrive moving forward

What The Board Does

The members of the Sous-Chefs board are responsible for:

  • Growing the Sous-Chefs Open Source Community
  • Keeping things ticking along, supporting shipping some of the most used cookbooks in the Chef community
  • Mentor and guide others to produce great cookbooks from the ground up

Get Involved

If you still don’t feel like nominating yourself for the board vote, there are plenty of other ways to get involved like: opening pull requests, answering and asking questions on Slack, and opening or commenting on issues.

About Sous Chefs

The Sous Chefs are a community of Chef cookbook maintainers working together to maintain important cookbooks.  The leaders of this community help shape the direction and grow this OpenSource community.  They are instrumental in supporting shipping some of the most used cookbooks in the Chef community.  You can find out more on the #sous-chef group on the Chef Community Slack

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