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Five reasons why you should speak at ChefConf '23 this fall

Back in person this year, ChefConf ’23 is getting ready to roll and open calls for speakers are in full swing! But act fast — you have until June 1st to apply and get a complimentary ticket to ChefConf Seattle or Germany (you choose!). That's right, from September 26th to 27th in Seattle, America and October 12th to October 13th in Munich, Germany. We’re eager to hear all the ways you’re using Chef to build the future of DevOps and automation! 

Plus, for this year's ChefConf, there's no such thing as too many chefs in the kitchen. We are bringing together designers, engineers, managers, experts and executives from the DevSecOps community, and invite you to join the ranks. Celebrating its 12th year, the conference will host a mix of workshops, open spaces, Chef After Dark, and technical sessions. And that's where you come in. 

We are currently looking for speakers to host 30-minute technical sessions in the following areas: 

  • Modern Infrastructure Management: Configure, deploy, and manage, spanning from on-premises to the cloud to the edge. 
  • Security and Compliance: Embrace CIS and other compliance efforts to safeguard your fleet assets.
  • Best Practices for team productivity and efficiency.
  • DevSecOps Strategy and Thought Leadership.
If you have a story about how Chef has helped you innovate, bolster your security and compliance or improve your deployment from any cloud to any edge, we'd love to hear it! Besides sharing wins with Chef, if you've got lessons you'd like to share about solving challenges or working in DevSecOps, Cloud Security, CSPM or Compliance, we're all ears!  

Need more convincing? Here are five reasons to speak at ChefConf '23.

1. It's in Person and Free for Speakers! 

ChefConf '23 is an old recipe with some new ingredients: we are back in person in two locations, Seattle and Munich. We know professionals have been itching to get back to in-person conferences, and so we're sparing no expense to help you get back out there and rub some elbows! So, join us as a speaker and get a complimentary ticket to ChefConf, exclusive speaker swag, and have your travel or accommodation reimbursed through our expense reimbursement program. 

2. Show Off! 

Sharing stories of personal wins and Chef successes is a great way to inspire other professionals. We're all in this together and highlighting your own expertise in DevSecOps is a great way to spread the wealth and share powerful insights with other people in the same boat. Whether you're a manager who's adopted new styles for employees, a thought leader discussing important trends or making waves in your organization with Chef, the conference is your stage. Plus, sharing a compelling story can be a great way to get noticed. 

3. Grow Your Network 

Networking is core to most any professional career and speaking at an in-person event is one of the most invaluable ways to meet interesting people and expand your professional horizon. No longer virtual-only, ChefConf '23 will allow you to make a name for yourself. Tell a good story and folks are going to want to bend your ear afterwards. 

4. Get Support from the Chef Community 

Before you present, Chef's Design and Product Marketing teams will provide you with feedback and materials needed to make it the best possible presentation. We aim to ensure you're prepared and ready to go — we don't want to send you out there looking like a deer in headlight. 

5. We've Used Your Feedback to Improve the Conference! 

Each year you make the conference better, and this year you've outdone yourself. Based on your feedback we’ve made some changes. This year, for instance, you’ll get more collaboration opportunities — real talk with real people in real time and in real life. For real. And what’s even better, we’re bringing back the hackathon.  

Interested in being a ChefConf '23 speaker on the West Coast or in Germany? Go ahead and submit your proposal now.   

Check our website for the latest updates.   


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