TapHere! Technologies and Progress Chef’s Longtime Partnership Empowers Federal IT Teams to Achieve DevSecOps Successes

TapHere! Technology (TapHere) is a longtime partner of Progress Chef and has a history of helping Federal IT teams accelerate their DevSecOps journey. Through a proven blend of established best practices leveraging Chef products, TapHere enables organizations to benefit from automation software and services that result in the continuous delivery of secure applications and infrastructure.

TapHere primarily leverages the Chef Enterprise Automation Stack™, which includes a full suite of enterprise infrastructure, application and DevSecOps automation technologies that enable organizations to deliver change quickly, repeatedly and securely. TapHere’s clients can focus on strategic initiatives. At the same time, their DevSecOps teams are equipped with a stronger tech stack to help them address infrastructure and mission-critical application challenges with security and other federal requirements in mind.


Organizations in the federal sector are consistently presented with challenges related to IT infrastructure management and delivery of mission-critical applications, made particularly complicated considering strict federal regulations and security considerations.


The TapHere and Chef Progress partnership enable federal organizations to benefit from deep government sector expertise, leveraging proven DevSecOps automation technology known for its continuous secure applications and infrastructure delivery.

By leveraging TapHere and Chef, federal organizations can:

  • Build, deploy, manage and secure any application running on any infrastructure.
  • Create stable IT infrastructure environments to securely deploy and automate mission-critical applications.
  • Ensure automated application delivery and continuous compliance across any IT platform with Chef Habitat.
  • Enable cross-team collaboration through actionable and auditable insights into configuration changes and compliance implications with Chef Automate.
  • Define and continuously enforce security and compliance standards on-premises and in the cloud with Chef InSpec.
  • Easily configure and remediate any number of systems across desktop, cloud and data center environments through Chef Infra.

Top-line Results

  • Accelerated Delivery Speed
  • Accelerated time to ATO
  • Elimination of Manual Tasks
  • Common Understanding of Requirements
  • The Ability to Establish Repeatable Processes
  • Maximized Availability & Reliability
  • Optimized Software Factory Efficiency Reduced Cyber Risk

DevSecOps successes continuously occur when TapHere and Chef leverage their technological capabilities for federal IT teams. Click here to read about TapHere and Chef’s partnership.

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Manasa C R

Manasa C R is a Marketing Partner Development Specialist at Progress