The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About ChefConf '23

Is it just us, or does ChefConf '23 feel like it is just around the corner?

I know the Chef team is counting down the days until we see members of our DevOps community in person. Whether it is in our Seattle event from September 26 to 27 or you make the trip in October to Munich (October 12 to 13, to be exact), it will surely be an exciting event. But, with that being said, there are questions to be answered regarding the conference, where it's being held and what is happening each day.

And these frequently asked questions (there really should be an abbreviation for that) led us to create a list that will provide some As to the Qs going around.  

When does early bird pricing end?  

The schedule for ending early bird pricing is different since both conferences occur on different dates. All the prices listed below are also subject to fees. 
Super Early Bird pricing recently closed for the Seattle event, but for Munich it is still ongoing until August 31 and is €159. Early Bird pricing for Seattle is currently priced at $349 and Munich will be starting on September 1 and going for €299.  

Regular prices for the Seattle and Munich events will resume after September 1 and October 1 at $499 and €455, respectively. 

What hotels will the ChefConf events be taking place?  

The Seattle ChefConf will be at the Hyatt Regency in Seattle, 808 Howell Street, Seattle, WA 98101.  

On the other side of the world, the Munich ChefConf will be at the Munich Marriott Hotel City West, located on Landsberger Str. 156, 80687 München, Germany. It should be noted that the Munich hotel is opening in September, and the option to book your room is currently unavailable.  

Will there be a discount for booking your hotel room?  

The Hyatt Regency in Seattle is offering attendees a rate of $269 per night. But book now, as the rooms are starting to fill up.

On the other hand, since the Munich Marriott Hotel is still new, their booking platform is live, but rooms will not be available at a discount. When it goes live, expect a rate of €229 for rooms.  

Are there any other discounts attendees can receive?  

Yes! If you purchase three tickets, you will receive one for free. Please email [email protected] to receive a free code.  

Is it true there is a free Associate Chef certification for all attendees?  

ChefConf offers attendees a yearly chance to improve their skill sets and professional credentials.  

As a ChefConf '23 attendee, you'll have the exclusive opportunity to earn a free Associate Chef certification. Those who complete the certification program before or during ChefConf will receive a Chef Certified Associate Engineer certificate. 

However, if you take it post-ChefConf, however, this program is $199.   

What are some of the sessions going to be about?  

We have several panels and workshops dedicated to the following tracks:  

  • Configuration Management 
  • Security & Compliance
  • DevSecOps Strategy & Leadership  
This is among the sneak peeks regarding Chef's product roadmaps and best practices regarding the above topics. Both events will have their unique sessions, making for an equally memorable experience.  

If you are curious to see what some of the sessions will be, click here for the Seattle agenda and click here for the Munich agenda.

Will there be any other happenings at the conference?  

Yes, at the end of each conference, we will be hosting an after party titled Chef After Dark where members of the DevOps community can network, get to know and share conversations with over food and drinks.  

Are meals provided with my ChefConf pass?  

All scheduled meals included in the agenda are included as part of your Conference Pass fee, including breakfast and lunch on both days and food at the Chef After Dark party.   

Can we ask you a question?  

Have any of your questions been answered in this blog? Or is there anything that we may have missed? Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]; we will get back to you with an answer.  

Lastly, if you still need to register for either the Seattle or Munich events (or both), please do so. If you know of anyone in your organization who may be interested in attending, send them our registration pages listed below.  


Piyushree Nagrale

Piyushree is a Demand Generation Manager at Progress where she works on recipes to cook new campaigns. When not on laptop scratching her head optimizing campaigns and budgets, Piyushree likes traveling, sketching and trying out new forms of art.