The ROI of Culture

Culture is vital in building any successful business — it impacts employee retention, performance and revenue. Given culture’s significance, it’s surprising how often it is relegated to an initiative, usually driven by HR and given a catchy title to imply inclusiveness, great perks or diversity. There is no denying these initiatives can be important. But in our industry, culture is our product.

When software is the thing that creates the relationship between customers and companies, those companies have to compete on the basis of their software, by continuously updating and improving it. How fast they can make changes relies on the ability of the company – different business divisions of engineers, IT, and developers – to work together quickly and effectively. Just looking at the word “division” tells you that’s difficult. We’ve learned software can’t make people work different – but a cultural movement can.

Our co-founder and CTO Adam Jacob describes in ReadWrite the importance of putting people over products over companies in driving DevOps forward:


So what happens when you start to change how you behave and collaborate? Well, here’s what I had to say (yes, that’s a tad self-promotional) in interview with Forbes:

“DevOps is evolving from a cultural and professional movement into a mainstream operating model where every segment of the business collaborates on delivering customer value through software.”

And value in business ultimately comes down to ROI. Organizations that adopt DevOps practices will see the benefits come to fruition:


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