The Ultimate Guide to ChefConf '22: The DevOps Conference of the Year

ChefConf'22 kicks off September 12 with DevOps and IT professionals ready to share their insights, knowledge, and expertise.

Everything You Need to Know About ChefConf '22

This September will mark the 11th annual ChefConf, a two-day community event that brings together DevOps and IT experts worldwide. ChefConf '22: The conference includes keynote speakers, interactive sessions, and DevOps and IT professional networking opportunities.

ChefConf is a great way to refine and boost your knowledge, virtually meet with Chef decision-makers in an open format, and have conversations with like-minded people.

Sounds awesome, right? It gets better; below is an Everything ChefConf comprehensive guide.

ChefConf, What is it?

ChefConf provides strategies, tactics, and transformational DevSecOps insights to help you grow, innovate, and empower attendees.

ChefConf brings together the brightest and best minds in DevOps, DevSecOps, and IT professionals from around the globe to talk about the newest innovations in DevOps practices and the Progress Chef portfolio.

At ChefConf '22, you'll get an opportunity to:

  • Gain insight and a new perspective on platforms.
  • Uncover how Chef is used to help accelerate your DevOps journey.
  • Learn from Coded Enterprises about DevOps opportunities and benefits.
  • Get an inside look at roadmaps and Cloud Security product innovations.
  • Understand how leading enterprises solve for DevSecOps to help elevate efficiency and effectiveness.

ChefConf '22 provides informative sessions at the introductory, advanced, and expert levels. Everyone can learn something at ChefConf '22—whether you're interested in DevOps, Cloud Security, infrastructure management, or compliance.

Who will be there?

This year brings a wealth of knowledge and insight from industries across the globe. We don't want to ruin your appetite and talk about all of our speakers ready to help you learn, discover, and deploy.

  • H&R Block server automation manager serves up continuous cloud compliance using Chef and how to empower total team enablement: amplifying DevOps Unification.
  • Learn about Multicloud Security Compliance Scanning and Operating at Scale from SAP.
  • Oracle will talk about Visualizing InSpec at Cloud Scale with Automated Configuration Observability.
  • Hear firsthand from Akeyless R&D VP about Zero Standing Privileges in Production Environments.
  • Speakers from Google and MITRE talk about the cloud DevOps framework and deeply dive into tooling with DevSecOps.
  • And many more Champions from our community to share their learnings.

See what else we have cooking and customize your menu.

View the full menu at ChefConf '22 Agenda for a list of speakers and sessions. Customize your menu with an opportunity to sign up for 5 daily sessions, with a chance to view sessions you might have missed free on-demand.

Why should I register?

ChefConf provides a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge and connect with other DevOps and IT professionals and Chef product leaders. You'll learn new DevSecOps tricks and tips, best practices, and the latest product updates and roadmaps from Chef's leadership team—all while spending time with some of the brightest minds in tech.

Seats are filling up fast, don't wait—get your ticket for ChefConf '22 today!



Michelle Sebek

Michelle was a senior product marketing manager for Chef.