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If you’re looking to level up your Chef skills, you have plenty of opportunities this week. Along with some of our partners, we’ll be presenting webinars on automating at scale, DevSecOps and automating on Azure with Chef. See full details on each webinar after the jump.

March 18th

Automate Code to Adapt to Customer Demand Quickly

10:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hosts: Phil Dibowitz, Facebook and Courtney Nash, O’Reilly Media

In this webinar, Facebook Production Engineer Phil Dibowitz will discuss the dramatically accelerating cycle of getting features/products/release to users, and collecting and acting on user feedback. Phil will cover what IT must do to make coded business a reality today, elements of scale, and the benefits of automation, no matter how large or complex your organization is.

March 19th

DevSecOps: Taking a DevOps Approach to Security

3:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time

Hosts: James Brown, Alert Logic and Alex Manly, Chef

Chef and Alert Logic work together to help customers to create a secure & compliant, continuous delivery pipeline for software releases, join James Brown, Director of Cloud Computing & Security Architecture at Alert Logic and Alex Manly, Solution Architect at CHEF for this live webinar to discuss the principles of security being part of the DevOps evolution.

OpenSource Automation on Azure using Chef

10:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hosts: Steven Murawski, Chef, Kundana Palagiri, Microsoft and Michael Ducy, Chef

More and More Windows Administrators are being called upon to extend themselves into the world of managing Linux based systems. This talk will focus on how Chef can make managing Linux workloads on Azure easy. We’ll also touch on how to manage Windows workloads with Chef. We will cover the basics of Chef, launching Linux instances and deploying applications to Linux instances.

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