Unleashing the New Generation of Chef

It’s a really big day here at Opscode, and when I say big, I mean “10K nodes from one Chef server” big… “automating tens of thousands of servers” big… or, as our CTO Christopher Brown says, “Carl Sagan big.”

Let me explain why:

1)     Chef 11 is now available for free download! Re-written from the ground up and leveraging best-of-breed infrastructure technologies including the Erlang programming language and PostgreSQL database, Chef 11 delivers a rock-solid automation platform that can easily scale up to 10,000 nodes from a single Chef server. Plus, we’re now offering two tiers of commercial support, covering both live system support and cookbook code troubleshooting. You can read more about Chef 11 here and stay tuned for deep dive blogs into its functionality and paid support options later today.

2)     Private Chef is brand new and now features a management console, centralized activity reporting, and “push” client runs. Private Chef is based on the Chef 11 codebase, providing a scalable and robust infrastructure automation solution for large-scale enterprise compute environments in the data center, private or public cloud.

3)     Facebook Likes Opscode and Private Chef. That’s right – Facebook has deployed Opscode Private Chef to automate configuration and management within its web-tier infrastructure. Using Private Chef, Facebook’s infrastructure team can easily manage the thousands of servers, configurations, and administrative access policies within its dynamic compute environment.

Stay tuned for a blog in a few hours with more on Facebook’s use case and be sure to register for #ChefConf 2013, because Facebook’s Phil Dibowitz will be keynoting there about systems management philosophy, best practices, and how these strategies can be implemented successfully in any sized environment. We’ll also be posting a blog with a range of ChefConf updates in just a bit, so be on the look out for more info soon.

Like I said, it’s a big day for Opscode and we’re super excited for all of you in the community to get cooking (pun intended) with Chef 11. Many of you played important roles in making Chef 11 the best IT automation platform out there and we want you all to know how grateful we are for the support.

So, bring us your hardest infrastructure challenges and we’ll make awesome happen for you.

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee