Webcast Recording: Build a LAMP stack with Chef

In case you missed the webcast this morning, or want to review it again, we have posted the WebEx recording

Also as promised, the guide that goes with the webcast is on the Help site.

“This page describes how to build a simple Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP stack using Chef cookbooks provided by Opscode. It assumes that you have already followed the Getting Started Guide and have Chef installed, an Opscode Platform Organization set up, Knife configured on your local workstation to talk to the Platform as the Chef server, and finally the Opscode chef-repo has been cloned.”

Continue reading the article on to see the commands and workflow used to put this all together.

Joshua Timberman

Joshua Timberman is a Code Cleric at CHEF, where he Cures Technical Debt Wounds for 1d8+5 lines of code, casts Protection from Yaks, and otherwise helps continuously improve internal technical process.