What to Talk About at ChefConf 2020 – Ecosystem and Community

ChefConf 2020 will be the best gathering of the Chef Community yet. We rely on our community to help us see all the amazing use cases for our products and help us make them better. ChefConf is a great place for our community members and folks from other companies in our ecosystem to talk about how all the tools in their toolboxes fit together. Chef Infra, Chef InSpec, and Chef Habitat fit with all sorts of other tools and workflows, so if you’re still thinking about your talk submission, maybe some of these ChefConf 2019 hits will inspire you. Check out the whole YouTube Playlist for more sessions!

The Sous Chefs are a group of volunteers who do an immense amount of work on maintaining Chef Infra cookbooks. Joe Holsten from Oracle talked about some of his experiences as a Sous Chef in his talk The Hard Way: Lessons Learned from the Sous Chefs Community. Have you used or contributed to a cookbook that the Sous Chefs maintain? Maybe you can tell us about how our open source community has helped your organization be more efficient.

Chef’s tools have plenty of power on their own, but we heard at ChefConf 2019 about what kind of awesome you can achieve when you combine them with other powerful technologies. Sean Porter of Sensu walked us through his experiments in his talk “Understanding Chef Habitat & Kube – A Home Lab Experiment”. For Habitat with Hashicorp Consul, Hashi’s own Erik Rygg walked us through “Networking Habitat Apps with Consul”. And Seth Lippman and Andy Herm from Oracle are using Hashi’s “Terraform and Chef Infra”. What other tools do you use side-by-side with your Chef tools? There’s so many possibilities for gaining speed and efficiency, and your unique solution might be just the thing someone else is looking for. 

Maybe you’re not a tools expert, but you’ve got a unique vision about something we haven’t even thought of yet. There’s room for you! Jason Yee talked about DataDog’s internship program in his talk “DevOps: The Next Generation”. Fill us in on your great ideas.

There’s so much more out there. Are you using Chef’s tools with a public cloud? With some CI/CD tools or pipelines? Are you solving a hard problem for your organization with Chef Infra, Habitat, or InSpec in a novel way? We want to hear from you, but more importantly, so do your peers in the Chef Community.

Public speaking make you nervous? Or nauseous? It happens; speaking is hard work. That’s why our speakers get the opportunity to work with a professional speaker coach while they are preparing their talks for ChefConf. 

Really just not feeling it, or the dates don’t work, but want to share your story in another way? We’d love to have you as a guest poster on our blog! Share your story right here. We are always looking for new community voices to share how their work is better with Chef’s products. Reach out to us at [email protected] or join our Chef Community on Slack and chat with Mandi Walls or benny Vasquez. 

Whatever you do, you are welcome in our community, and at ChefConf. We hope to see you in Seattle or London this year. Make sure you register early so you don’t miss out. We’ll have more info soon on all the planned content as well as the fun events that make ChefConf awesome.

Mandi Walls

Mandi is Technical Community Manager for Chef. She can be found online @LNXCHK.