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Building on Chef’s long history of innovation in compliance automation, Chef Compliance, available today, builds on Chef InSpec to help enterprises maintain compliance and prevent security incidents across heterogeneous hybrid and multi-cloud estates while improving speed and efficiency.

Alan Baptista

Today we’re pleased to announce the launch of our integration with ServiceNow’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB). With this release, every time Chef Infra gathers information about a system, it sends that data to an associated Configuration Item (CI) in ServiceNow’s CMDB in addition to Chef Automate.

Nick Rycar

Today at ChefConf Online we took the wraps off Learn Chef, our new online learning platform for the Chef community. Three years ago we launched Learn Chef Rally, which brought together our online training in a single, no-cost offering.

Kimball Johnson

Welcome to ChefConf Online week! On the surface, this year’s event looks a lot different than years past.

Matt Carter

We recognize that our annual ChefConf event has a significant financial impact on the host community including the hotel, shops, restaurants, tourist destinations and small businesses that our guests enjoy during their visit.

Brian Goldfarb

We’re down to the final week of the month of ChefConf live recording sessions! It’s a challenge to figure out exactly what to call the track that isn’t explicitly focused on a Chef product, but the gist is that we want to bring you some sessions on stuff that is freaking cool.

Mandi Walls

I’m very privileged to work with a range of FSI organizations across Asia Pacific (APAC) as a Regional Solutions Architect at Chef. Customers in every vertical need help and assistance with continuously auditing their environments inline with industry standards, as well as those set by governments, and independent regulators.

Anthony Rees

With DevOps and Agile adoption on the rise and automation levels reaching all-time highs, many organizations still struggle to scale continuous delivery across their enterprise applications and continue to face an all too familiar scenario.

Eric Heiser

We are halfway through the Month of ChefConf! Did you get to sit in on some sessions about Chef Infra and Chef InSpec? If not, don’t worry! They’ll be available on demand after June 2, so sign up for ChefConf at In the meantime, it’s time for some talks about Chef Habitat!

Mandi Walls