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Hi there, Chef Friends! As you know, the best place to learn all aspects of Chef – from Chef Infra, to Chef Habitat, and Chef InSpec – is Learn Chef Rally!

Brian Turner

We are excited to announce that today we have officially launched our Contributor Entitlement program.  At the core, our goal is to recognize the Community’s many contributions and continue to help enable our contributors to use the very software they are helping to build.

Corey Scobie

Every year at ChefConf, we award customers for the incredible work they have done in their organization, making an impact that contributes to the overall outcomes of their businesses. The customers are nominated by the Chef teams that work closely with these organizations daily.

Lauren Clauss

With all of the excitement during ChefConf 2019, you may have missed that we released Chef InSpec 4.0 in May 2019. We put a focus on optimizing the core Chef InSpec product while making it more extensible and capable in handling the next generation of resources. The highlights of Chef InSpec version 4.

Keka Ichinose

Our second dose of ChefConf for 2019 is now complete! Our inaugural ChefConf London was a great success, bringing together ChefFriends from all over for talks, workshops, hallway track, and a cruise on the Thames. If you missed it this year, keep an eye out for next year!

Mandi Walls

On December 31, 2019, version 1.x of Chef Automate will be officially “end of life.” In May 2018, we released Chef Automate version 2. We rebuilt Automate from the ground up to provide much greater performance, scale, and advanced analytics.

Mike Krasnow

Wow! I made it to ChefConf 2019! It was an incredible experience, filled with high-energy from not just the Chef folks themselves, but from the amazing group of Chef collaborators, customers, and community members.

Michael Sorens

ChefConf 2019 has now come and gone. It was a week of learning, fun, and community.  One of our traditions at our annual gathering is recognizing community members who have made significant contributions or had a noteworthy impact on our projects and community.

Mandi Walls

These are exciting and often daunting times for IT organizations. The growth and competitiveness of every enterprise depends on digital transformation, but lurking below the buzzword is a complex tangle of manual effort and blind hope.

Dan Hauenstein