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ChefConf is the largest community gathering and educational event for teams on the journey to becoming fast, efficient, and innovative software-driven organizations. That’s you! ChefConf 2019 will take place May 20-24 in Seattle, Washington and we want you to present! The ChefConf call for presentations (CFP) is now open.

Mandi Walls

It has been almost two years since I became involved with Learn Chef Rally and it has been a blast! When the new learning platform launched at ChefConf 2017 it was limited in scope, only providing Chef learning tutorials.

Brian Turner

The call for papers for ChefConf 2019 is now open, and we want to hear from you! ChefConf is the largest gathering of the Chef community, featuring state of the art content from teams leading the way to becoming more fast, efficient and innovative with their technical practices.

Mandi Walls

One of Chef’s strengths from day one has been in its incredible community. As we’ve expanded the number of open-source projects under our aegis in the last few years with InSpec and then Habitat, the Chef community has grown to encompass and embrace them.

Julian Dunn

We’ve been gearing up for this year’s installment of AWS re:Invent, the biggest event in the AWS universe with over 60,000 attendees coming together in Las Vegas to learn about the latest and greatest innovations coming to the AWS Cloud. Chef has a full week of activities planned at the conference–check out the summary below.

Matt Carter

The recently released InSpec 3 expands the developer ecosystem for compliance-as-code through plugins, integrations, and other new capabilities. This post will outline some of the ways that InSpec brings compliance-as-code to Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Vikram Ghosh

Preparing for a compliance audit can be an overwhelming process.

Nick Rycar

When it comes to audits, many organizations face a dilemma: how to decrease the time and effort spent while improving results? In preparation for an annual PCI audit, Carter McHugh, Executive Director of Agile Architecture at CSG International, decided to partner with Chef Software to automate their audit processes.

Eric Calabretta Sam Danyal

This week we passed a significant Learn Chef Rally milestone: more than 25,000 of you have created an account to track your progress! This reinforces that we have an amazing community of users interested in honing their chef skills.

Brian Turner