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One of the best things about working at Chef is seeing how our customers use technology to create innovations and make a real difference through their work.

Matt Carter

Here’s what happened in July across the Chef, Habitat, and InSpec open-source communities. Chef This month we released Chef Client 14.3, the newest release in the Chef 14 series. Chef 14.3 introduces the concept of preview resources, adds several new resources, and cleans up the shell_out API. What is a preview resource, you ask?

Julian Dunn

Chef, InSpec, and Habitat provide workflows for automating everything you manage, from infrastructure configuration to security auditing to application releases.

Nick Rycar

Chef sat down with Dan Webb of the Sous Chefs organization recently for a Q&A session. Dan is a winner of a 2018 Awesome Community Chef award for all of his contributions and mentorship to the Chef community. (These answers have been edited and condensed for clarity.) Who are the Sous Chefs?

Julian Dunn

Habitat application packaging typically falls into one of two main categories: Packaging applications built from source code developed in-house or available via open source. Packaging commercial off the shelf (COTS) applications usually purchased from a third party vendor.

Matt Wrock

When we talk about Effortless Infrastructure, that is exactly what Toyota Financial Services’ Manager of Cloud Services, Mo Malik, and Manager of Cloud Automation Services, Carlos Soriano had in mind when they set out to deliver a reliable, scalable, user-friendly service for their customers.

Sam Danyal

Chef will be at the Google Next 2018 conference in San Francisco, California, July 24-26. Google Next is where developers come together to share challenges, solutions, 10x ideas, and game-changing technologies. Google is a great partner of Chef and we’re always excited for opportunities to show how our technologies work well together.

James Casey

Do Change was the theme of ChefConf 2018, and Jeremy Winter, Partner Director – Azure Management and Security, personifies change throughout his career. During his 21 year career at Microsoft, Jeremy started as a developer, moved to running operations for Hotmail, and now runs program management for Azure Management and Security.

Vikram Ghosh

This short post will explore how we can use Habitat and Google Container Registry to deploy a managed container to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) with Habitat Operator already installed. The example we will be following is here. Checking this out reveals the following structure: $ tree hab-gcr-demo hab-gcr-demo ├── ├── config │ ├── index.

Stuart Paterson