FAQ - Commercial Download

Q: What and where is the new channel for Chef downloads?

Customers will have an improved user experience with the new Progress Chef Download portal at https://community.progress.com/s/products/chef. Any bookmarked links for the earlier support channel will be automatically redirected to the new site.

Q: Why are we doing this?

To provide a better download experience from within the portal for all customer purchases. Earlier customers had to go out of portal to download chef products.

Q: How are downloads under the Progress Community different from the Chef Community? Why have two?

The Chef Community (Community.Chef.io) is a place for all practitioners using the Chef technology stack (whether paying or on free versions, open-source core or premium content) to collaborate within the community or with us to ensure our Chef ecosystem is constantly improving. This continues to include the Chef Community Slack and Discourse channels. The Chef open-source products that do not require EULA (End user License Agreement) are available for download in the community portal.

However, the new Progress Community is geared explicitly towards all our support-entitled customers, enabling them to have an enhanced user experience. Customers will be able to download the product they purchased from within the community portal. These downloads are all licensed.

Q: Will this impact my current product downloads I can already access?

Yes, the current download links will be redirected to chef.io/downloads, which will take you - our valued customer - to the portal community.

Q: Do I need a new login?

Your existing Progress ID is all you need to log in to the new portal, where you will retain the same level of access as before. If you don't have a Progress ID yet, here's how you can get one: https://secure.progress.com/profile/opn/registerUid

Q: I am unable to see my purchased products on the new portal. What should I do?

Users can reach out to their Customer Success Manager or Account Manager or send an email to [email protected] with details and screenshots of the issue they are facing.

Q: Where do I download bundles from?

In your portal, when you select the asset to download, it will list all the related software's available for download that falls under the bundle.

Q: Where can I download Chef Workstation?

Workstation is bundled with every product the customer is entitled to. So, a customer just needs to select the asset to download. Chef workstation will be listed as one of the software products available for download under the bundle.

Q: Where can I download Chef Manage and Chef Backend?

Like Chef Workstation, Manage and Backend will also be available under the applicable assets.

Q: Where can I download the content?

For any content download, you will still follow the email on the monthly digest of Seamless Content from Chef. This should fulfill your need to download any of the following content:

  • Desktop Management content
  • Desktop Compliance content
  • Compliance Remediation content
  • Compliance Audit content
  • Premium content for containers
  • Premium content for cloud

Q: Do you have a walkthrough available to guide users?

Yes, please follow the instructions mentioned in this blog post and you may also follow the user demo for a walkthrough.

Q: How do these changes impact my download automation script?

It will now need a license key like curl - L <url with license key>

For customer ease, each product download also provides the option to download a ready Automation Script within the portal.

Q: Does download API support install.sh and install.ps1 files?

Not yet, but we are planned to work on providing themodified script that supports the new download APIs in upcoming PI's likely second quarter of 2024.

Q: What are the changes in the Omnitruck API?

The Omnitruck API remains the same. We have a new download wrapper API with new endpoints exposed for commercial and open-source downloads. The new APIs are now called Download APIs – Commercial, Open-source. You can find details here Download Chef Tools.

Q: Can customers still download using the Omnitruck API?

Yes, but they may soon be restricted. We recommend you use the new download APIs with valid license keys for all downloads.

Q: Where can I see the status of the API?

You can see the status of your API at status.chef.io to make sure the API is up and running.

Q: Are there any changes to activating the license key?

No changes in License Key activation, but each download will now require a license key. Any downloads direct from the portal pick the license key from the product details under the customer account. If customers plan to use the curl command to download the software, they will be asked for the License key.

Q: How do I get my License Key?

With each download from within the portal, you will have the option to download the license activation instructions for the applicable product. That file will have your key

Q: How do I get my License file?

With each download from within the portal, you will have the option to download a license file (JWT or JSON) for an applicable product.

Q: As a new customer, what do I need to do?

As a new customer, you should be able to sign into the customer portal at https://community.progress.com/s/products/chef using the account credentials provided to you. The portal lists all your purchased assets which you can now download. You can also contact your Account Manager or your Customer Success Manager for help navigating the portal

Q: I am a customer, but how can I download and trial a product that I have not purchased?

You should submit a request by filling out the form on “Free Trial” under chef.io/downloads. Sales will reach out to you and will share the license key and trial download link with you

Q: Whom do I contact if I have any further questions?

Your Account Manager or your Customer Success Manager is the best person to contact.