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Partnering for Success

We are proud to collaborate with industry leading technology partners through:

  • Collaborative engineering relationships delivering tight integration with Chef
  • Joint marketing and sales programs
  • Tailored technical training
  • Reselling and Support

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Cloud Infrastructure

Chef links up with cloud infrastructure providers to provide fully automated server infrastructure, starting from 'bare metal' through to application deployment. See our list of knife plugins.

Amazon Web Services

Chef is an AWS Solution provider, offering server provisioning integration with Amazon Web Services. With a single command, joint customers can spin up fully-configured production Chef roles on Amazon's EC2 service. You specify the role you want, while Chef builds it for you.



Boundary provides understanding of application and infrastructure behavior for modern IT operations management with 100% coverage for any application stack. Streaming analytics enable per-second visibility into application traffic and topology that is combined with enriched 3rd party events in a centralized dashboard. Event information from Chef automatically streams into Boundary so that IT operations can instantly see the detailed status of each automation request correlated against application performance information.



Citrix Ready is an end-to-end partner program that showcases and recommends third party products, solutions and services demonstrating compatibility with Citrix Application Delivery Infrastructure. Through the Citrix Ready program and Citrix Ready Xchange Marketplace, users can quickly and easily find solutions recommended by Citrix that are trusted to enhance Citrix offerings. Leveraging its industry leading alliances and partner eco-system, Citrix Ready showcases over 20,000 products and solutions designed to meet a variety of business needs. Learn more at www.citrix.com/ready.



CopperEgg cloud performance monitoring automates visibility, analytics, and alerting across all your public, enterprise, private, and hybrid cloud servers, websites, and applications. Operations teams with production-scale deployments can integrate CopperEgg simply and seamlessly into their Chef automation platform, enabling dynamic, elastic monitoring for auto-scaled environments. The CopperEgg SaaS-platform processes over 83 billion records a day supporting best-in-class, real-time data collection, analytics, and reporting, essential elements for exception-based monitoring and deep operational forensics.



Datadog is a monitoring service that brings together data from servers, configuration management tools, applications and cloud services to present a unified view of the infrastructure. Using Datadog, Dev and Ops teams can correlate events in Chef with performance metrics from other systems to find issues, resolve performance problems and ensure that development and deployment cycles finish on time.



The Dell Enterprise Solutions Group (ESG) works to deliver solutions for the largest IT infrastructures in the world. As the number one provider of large IT infrastructures, ESG intimately and uniquely understands customer’s needs for lower operating costs, increased agility and simplicity. The Crowbar Open Source Project (spearheaded by Dell ESG) is an effort to build a complete and easy to use operational platform (DevOps) for everyone. One specific application currently allows users to install, configure and maintain a complete OpenStack infrastructure.



Eucalyptus Systems develops enterprise-grade technology solutions built on the open source Eucalyptus software for private and hybrid cloud computing.



With the release of our knife plugin for Google Compute Engine, Chef has united the massive performance and scalability of Google, with the automation of Chef. With a single command, Chef users can bring new GCE instances up and automatically begin managing them Chef.



Chef works closely with HP Cloud Services both as (i) a technology provider behind HP Cloud and (ii) as an automation framework available to HP Cloud end users who want to manage their HP Cloud Infrastructure with Chef. For more information visit: www.hpcloud.com/partner/opscode



IBM's has a broad cloud portfolio and deep expertise, built from thousands of cloud engagements, helping clients realize the benefits of cloud fast. IBM's cloud solutions leverage Chef to automate the deployment of cloud infrastructure and applications, helping customers rapidly deliver new services. The IBM DevOps approach speeds up and sustains the software-driven innovation you're planning, developing, testing, and delivering. Regardless of whether your focus is in mobile development, cloud hosting, big data analysis, or social business, you can continuously release better software and services faster, at lower cost and with less risk.



Joyent is the high-performance cloud infrastructure company, offering the only IaaS solution specifically built to power today’s most user-intensiveweb and mobile applications. Joyent’s cloud infrastructure solution delivers a multiplier effect of 2X the performance and up to 50% lower cost,fundamentally changing the economics of cloud computing.



Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. You can build applications using any language, tool or framework. And you can integrate your public cloud applications with your existing IT environment.



Nebula is dedicated to enabling all enterprises to easily, securely and inexpensively deploy large private cloud computing infrastructures. Nebula is developing a system that will allow any business to easily build a large private computing cloud from hundreds of inexpensive servers.



Ninefold is Australian-owned global cloud computing, providing Australian and U.S. Availability Zones, free support, self service flexibility and low latency. This allows you to provision virtual servers quickly - scaling up and down when needed – and only paying for the resources you use.


Piston Cloud Computing

Piston Enterprise OS™ is a complete, end-to-end solution for building a massively scalable private OpenStack™ compute and storage cloud. Piston Enterprise OS combines all of the features of OpenStack, a hardened and secure custom-built Linux operating system and Piston Cloud’s unique Null-Tier Architecture to power massive cloud environments. With Piston Enterprise OS, you can build a fully functional, secure private cloud with all of the features of OpenStack in under 10 minutes using off-the-shelf hardware. Engineered for a 99.99% hands-off installation, Piston Enterprise OS ensures your data is secure, and removes the hours of time, complexity and technical expertise traditionally required to build private clouds.



Rackspace® Hosting is the open cloud company, delivering open technologies and powering more than 190,000 customers worldwide. Through our work with Rackspace, Chef helps install and build Rackspace Private Cloud Edition, and can also be used to build automated infrastructure on top of any Rackspace Cloud, public or private.



Chef is a VMware technology alliance partner and offers server provisioning integration with the vCloud API. Whether your VMware-based infrastruture is accessed via a public or private cloud, Chef can help you automate it.


Management and Devops Toolchain

Chef operates in tandem with leading management and devops tools to allow customers to deliver software of high quality at high velocity.


Abiquo is the Enterprise Cloud Management software company. With Abiquo, organizations can use Business Policy to manage an entire, globally deployed, computing infrastructure comprising unlimited physical and Cloud resources including private, public and hybrid Clouds through a “single pane of glass." As a result, Abiquo customers are able to significantly decrease the cost and complexity of managing their virtual IT environments, while maintaining control of the physical infrastructure and increasing agility to change hypervisors as needed. For more information, visit www.abiquo.com.



AppFirst delivers powerful, simple application monitoring, providing DevOps professionals and Tech Execs full-stack visibility into systems, applications and business metrics. Our SaaS-based DevOps Dashboard is powered by a flexible big data platform that collects, analyzes and correlates numerous data sources -- from logs to StatsD to Nagios plug-ins, to millions of low-level process metrics. Unlike other application management solutions, AppFirst starts monitoring data in literally minutes. Our configurable dashboards allow you to quickly troubleshoot problems and to stay on top of what’s happening in real time with your systems and your business.



For over a decade, CollabNet has been providing organizations a secure and compliant path to manage development in the cloud. CollabNet’s blueprint for Enterprise Cloud Development maps out a path to leverage the benefits of the cloud. At each step, CollabNet offers a combination of tools and services that deliver incremental value and positions users for the next stage in the process.


Cycle Computing

CycleComputing has delivered our HPC and Cloud management software to our customers and through our Partner ecosystem for over six years. Our software enables users and Partners to quickly on-board applications to HPC cloud clusters and spin up tens of thousands of cores on demand in minutes while seamlessly managing the process data requirements. Cycle software removes the complexity of scheduling and managing your workflow, provides security measures to protect your data, and dynamically scales your projects in even hybrid environments (internal HPC, private cloud, public cloud) as the need requires. Our engineering team has over 100 years combined experience working on HPC, grid, and cloud technologies.



Dyn is the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) leader, powering DNS and email delivery for enterprise, small business and personal users. The company’s DNS offerings range from simple DNS management to a robust enterprise class DNS solution built on a 17-location, globally diverse IP Anycast network with advanced Load Balancing, Geographic Traffic Management and CDN control features.



Ecetera's mission is to help rid the world of badly behaving applications, by applying our deep knowledge and experience of most of the APM tools in common use today. We are vendor neutral, and able to bring out the best in APM tools that we do and don't represent, including many legacy products that are still in use.


Electric Cloud

Electric Cloud delivers solutions that automate and accelerate the entire application development and delivery process. The company's award-winning products help development organizations speed time-to-market, boost developer productivity, and improve software quality while leveraging the operational efficiencies provided by virtualized/cloud infrastructures. Leading companies across a variety of industries, including financial services, ISVs, mobile devices, semiconductors and transactional websites rely on Electric Cloud's DevOps optimization solutions. For more information, visit www.electric-cloud.com.


New Context

Based in San Francisco with offices in Los Angeles and Tokyo, New Context is a systems architecture firm helping companies thrive in today’s rapidly evolving data environment as experts in systems automation, data assurance, and cloud orchestration. New Context makes companies’ data environments secure, optimized, and ready to scale.



Ostrato’s cloud service management platform enables organizations to leverage the power of cloud computing environments, while providing IT a centralized platform to help federate, scale and adopt cloud services while delivering a superior customer experience. Ostrato cloudSM is designed specifically for enterprises that want an integrated approach to governing and managing their heterogeneous cloud services, whether they are public, private or hybrid. The platform provides tools to ensure that the cloud is utilized to the best advantage across multiple groups and instances in terms of cost, performance, features, functionality and geographic location. More information can be found at www.ostrato.com.


Relevance Lab

Relevance Lab (www.relevancelab.com) is a DevOps specialist company offering consulting services and an orchestration platform for realizing the DevOps objectives. The Relevance Lab global workforce has helped organizations increase the tempo of their release cycles by automating the development and deployment processes and in turn ensuring higher quality application rollouts. Our Chef powered customizable DevOps platform helps in UI driven deployment of software stacks onto underlying infrastructure – cloud or data center.



RightScale is the leader in cloud computing management. Founded in 2006, the company offers a fully automated cloud management platform that enables organizations to easily deploy and manage business critical applications across multiple clouds with complete control and portability. RightScale provides the software, services and support that makes it faster and easier to deploy applications in the cloud and then cost effectively manage them over time.



Scalr is an open source cloud management tool that greases the wheels on web applications. Scalr comes fully equipped to handle web ops with features such as auto-scaling, high availability, fault tolerance, backups, multi-cloud deployments, and hybrid cloud bursting.



Severalnines AB provides automation and management software for database clusters. We help companies deploy their databases in any environment, and manage all operational aspects to achieve Severalnines availability.

Severalnines' products are used by developers and system administrators of all skills levels to provide the full 'deploy, manage, monitor, scale' database cycle, thus freeing them from the complexity and learning curves that are typically associated with highly available database clusters. The company has enabled over 7,000 deployments to date via its popular online database configurator. Severalnines AB is a private company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. To see who is using Severalnines today, please visit www.severalnines.com/references.



Splunk is the world’s leading software for monitoring, reporting and analyzing machine data. This data is generated by all the applications, systems and infrastructure located on-premise and in the cloud. Machine data is massive in scale, unstructured and contains a definitive record of transactions, systems, applications and user activity. It’s also largely unused, trapped in rigid, silo-based systems.


Consulting and Professional Services

Chef pairs with infrastructure experts to help customers be as successful as possible in working with Chef.

2nd Watch

2nd Watch is a global leader in building, deploying and managing Amazon Web Services (AWS) based IT operations for enterprise customers. 2nd Watch assists customers in evaluating the economics of moving IT operations into AWS, designs and builds highly reliable and scalable AWS based enterprise IT platforms, and provides software tools and management services that enable enterprises to deploy, manage and optimize cloud based IT operations infrastructure.


Atalanta Systems

Atalanta Systems is an infrastructure consultancy based in the UK and focused on building automated infrastructures, taking advantage of the flexibility of the cloud, and applying agile and lean principles to IT operations. The team at Atalanta is comprised of experts at introducing a Devops approach to the software delivery lifecycle, and at building a mentality and culture inspired by the Lean Startup movement.


Avenue Code

Avenue Code is a management and IT consulting organization specialized in Agile Methodology and E-Business implementation. We have world class experts in Agile software methodology and E-Commerce together with an army of implementation specialists from mobile developers to Java back-end gurus. We adapt to every organizations' need from high level business strategy to detailed, implementation projects.



ClearScale’s longtime experience with Chef across dozens of client engagements has helped companies across all industries take advantage of powerful cloud infrastructure automation. ClearScale’s core competency is delivering best-of-breed cloud systems integration and application development services. We help our clients architect, deploy, and manage applications in the cloud. ClearScale’s partnership with Chef and key cloud providers like Amazon Web Services ensures that our clients are able to leverage the speed, flexibility, and efficiency of Chef, benefit from the best cloud technology available, and make DevOps a reality for their organization.



Cloudscaling is the leading elastic cloud infrastructure company, delivering cloud software for on-premise Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Our core product, Open Cloud System (OCS) delivers the agility, performance and economic benefits of leading public cloud providers, but deployable in the customer’s datacenter and under their IT team’s control. Across industries, IT departments are able to rapidly build out and manage an elastic private cloud infrastructure that delivers a new generation of dynamic apps to the business.Cloudscaling is backed by Trinity Ventures and headquartered in San Francisco. For more information about Cloudscaling, please visit www.cloudscaling.com



Cloudspace has been helping startups and early-stage companies with their web ventures since 1996. They focus on taking products from the idea phase, through prototype, and into production; rescuing codebases from bad development teams; and giving a helping hand to great ones.



Creationline Inc. is a cloud deployment partner of Chef in Japan. Creationline focuses on a range of services including cloud infrastructure (IaaS foundation) construction, cloud-based solutions, and cloud technology research. Creationline also actively supports various cloud-related open source community activities including CloudStack, Enstratus, OpenStack, Wakame and more.


DTO Solutions

DTO Solutions provides DevOps and automated infrastructure solutions for large-scale, mission critical IT operations. As part of its growing Chef practice, DTO helps ensure that Chef customers have both technical and operational best practices in place. DTO's specialty is helping companies who build and operate software as a revenue producing service. The majority of DTO clients are e-commerce, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), online gaming, and financial services firms. DTO has worked with small startups just building out their infrastructure and large enterprises already operating on a global scale.


Forest Technologies

Forest Technologies is a global consultancy specialising in implementing automation solutions across the full application life cycle leveraging market-leading technologies. Our team has extensive experience of continuous delivery, deployment automation and infrastructure automation solutions.


Grid Dynamics

Grid Dynamics is a leading provider of open, scalable, next-generation commerce technology solutions for Tier 1 retail. Grid Dynamics has in-depth expertise in commerce technologies, wide involvement in the open source community and a modern, global workforce. Great companies, partnered with Grid Dynamics, gain a sustainable business advantage by implementing and managing solutions in the areas of omnichannel platforms, product search, and continuous delivery. To learn more about Grid Dynamics, find us at www.griddynamics.com or by following us on Twitter @GridDynamics.


Heavywater Consulting

Heavy Water works with emerging businesses to to prepare them for scalable growth using best practices in Cloud, Virtualization, and IT operations automation technologies. The team at Heavy Water leverages existing hardware, develops a Cloud interface specific to the company, and produces any combination of physical and virtual IT infrastructure. Once a project is complete, a Heavy Water customers is trained and capable of managing and supporting their new infrastructure.


Level 11

Level 11 helps companies solve complex business problems. Their solutions generally involve the smart application of technology, insight, and the inescapable logic of business efficiency.



MomentumSI is a leading IT services and solutions company focused on enterprise transformation. MomentumSI specializes in helping companies incorporate disruptive technologies, including Cloud Computing, DevOps, Big Data and SOA. Industries served include financial services, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, high-tech, retail and manufacturing. Founded in 1997, MomentumSI is a privately held company that operates globally with headquarters in Austin, Texas and offices in San Francisco, Washington D.C., New York and Sydney.



Opex Software (www.opexsoftware.com) is a Cloud Automation and DevOps specialist company offering consulting services along with its DeployNow platform. DeployNow has strong support for non-linear development with lightweight composable toolkit based design for efficient handling of large projects. DeployNow's garbage collection and periodic compression are unique features that makes Opex Softwares DevOps platform fast and efficient over long durations of usage across multi-team multi-geography setting. Customers are delighted to see higher throughput with a lightweight integrated development platform and Chef-powered deployment kit along with strong machine learning analytics.



OpsUnit is a UK-based team of infrastructure developers and consultants with experience of automating large cloud estates. They specialise in infrastructure automation using Chef, building peripheral infrastructure tooling and helping businesses to formulate a successful cloud strategy.



Stratalux is a customized PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) provider built upon best-in-class public cloud infrastructures. Using these technologies, our Virtual Data Center enables customers to confidently deploy their applications regardless of technology choices. Stratalux customers take comfort in a robust and reliable offering backed by a comprehensive array of professional managed services. Services which include a 24/7 NOC, remote system and database administration services along with automatic scaling and provisioning. Think of us as your trusted cloud IT team.


Velankani Information Systems

Velankani Information Systems, Inc is an Enterprise Consulting Services provider with practices under Data Center, Applications, Cloud and Big Data umbrellas. Starting in 1985, we has been building and delivering solutions for our Clients for over three decades.