Chef Partner Cookbook Program

Have Chef to stand behind and promote your top-quality Chef cookbooks

Get Started on Your Chef Partner Cookbook

Partner Cookbook Program

Participating in the Chef Partner Cookbook Program puts the Chef brand behind your Cookbook. It is an opportunity to showcase your dedication to providing the Chef Community with the highest quality cookbooks. Partners that take part in the program gain access to the official Chef Partner Cookbook logo to use in marketing materials and are highlighted within the Chef website.

Steps to Creating Your Chef Partner Cookbook


  1. Register to become a Chef partner here (if you haven’t already)
  2. Be a partner in good standing


  1. Enroll in the program
  2. Engage with with Chef Partner engineering to:
    • Discuss potential features
    • Technical Q&A
    • Code review
  3. Adhere to Chef guidelines and best practices

Maintain and Market:

  1. Chef led blog and social media announcement of your cookbook
  2. Badging of your cookbook in Chef Supermarket
  3. Partner provides quarterly support and maintenance of cookbook