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All-in-one toolkit for infrastructure and compliance automation on any platform

Deploy a secure, compliant, and scalable infrastructure across cloud, VMs or physical environment with Chef Workstation

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Chef Workstation - The Complete Automation Package

Chef Workstation includes every tool you need for infrastructure, compliance, and application delivery automation within your organization. Everything you need to get started — ad hoc remote execution, remote scanning, configuration tasks, cookbook creation tools as well as robust dependency and testing software — all in one easy-to-install package. The Workstation toolkit includes:

Improve the quality of code

Chef Workstation includes Cookstyle that not only automatically detects errors in style, syntax, and code but also corrects them on the go by evaluating your code against hundreds of custom tailored Infra Cookbook rules. While developers create cookbooks with their infra servers, Cookstyle optimizes these cookbooks for the best performance. Cookstyle also runs compatibility scans and prompts upgrades from lower versions of Infra clients to newer versions.

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Reduce time spent on writing and performing tests

Workstation allows testing to become fast and easy with test kitchen and advanced InSpec testing. Automatically provision VMs or cloud instances with test kitchen commands on CLI and run InSpec tests to validate code. Also, use test kitchen to define, package, and deliver applications after your application artifacts pass through rigorous InSpec testing. Push only those changes that pass InSpec testing to source.

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Manage entire infrastructure with a single document

Chef Infra Policyfile within Workstation is a document uploaded to the Infra Server that offers the simplest method to manage role, environment, and community cookbook data. Policyfile helps define which Chef cookbooks run on your system, the recipes that need to be, along with configuration parameters required by your application. Run the chef generate cookbook command to automatically generate the required Policyfile.rb and get started instantly. Use the 480+ built-in compliance resources or 150+ infrastructure resources or build your own with Ruby.

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Core to Intility’s value is the ability to drive employee productivity which aligns to Chef’s vision of making the IT operators live better. Chef did not only help us drive productivity but also enabled our team members to shift their focus to more important matters, automating more in other areas and saving time in other places.

Stian Frøystein Linux Technical Lead , Cloud Infrastructure, Intility

Chef Workstation Key Benefits

Automated Infrastructure Configuration Management

Fast and reliable approach to manage configurations in large heterogenous IT resource fleets.

Automated Compliance Audits and Remediation

Continuous audits to maintain a secure fleet. CIS benchmarked profiles for audit and remediation.

Test Driven Development

Simulate real test environments with simple commands. Test configuration changes and application artifacts with InSpec.

Open Source Library: Chef Supermarket

Library of partner and community-maintained configuration policies.

  • Directly configure servers through SSH or WinRM in a snap. Ad-hoc procedures can be carried out concurrently on a number of hosts to swiftly configure server clusters.
  • Cookstyle and Test Kitchen in Chef Workstation offer automated testing of your policies. Maintain an auditable history of every change being applied to your environments with Chef Automate that’s bundled within.
  • Visit Chef Supermarket to access a library of configuration policies maintained by our partners and the Chef community. Alternatively, you can use Chef's declarative resources to build bespoke automation specifically for your company.
  • If you're using pre-existing Chef policies or making your own, you'll have everything you need to get started right away with features like development tools for testing, dependency resolution, and cookbook generation.



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