Cloud migration 

Ensure that your cloud migrations happen on your terms when you start from a baseline of compliance.

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Automate Cloud Migration with Chef

Detect and correct compliance with automation

Chef helps organizations detect and correct compliance issues before they go into production, by automating the detect and correct processes. IT teams can ensure their cloud migration projects start from a baseline of compliance, are managed in a single view along with their legacy infrastructure, and are kept in compliance after migration. Chef automates your infrastructure. InSpec, a Chef open source project, automates your compliance and security needs. And Chef Automate continuously automates these processes and provides a high level of collaboration and visibility across your entire estate.

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Successfully migrate to the cloud with Chef and AWS

Start with the right foundation

Use InSpec to analyze your bare metal or VM applications, and Chef to define configuration state to detect and correct problems before you migrate.

Manage all of your hybrid infrastructure in one place

Chef Automate gives you a view of your entire estate, both on prem and in the cloud, so you can manage legacy and migrated applications with a single view and skill set.

Pick your cloud. Chef supports it.

With integrations for AWS, Azure and GCP, pick the cloud provider that meets your business and technology needs. Chef integrates with the major cloud providers so you can manage multi-cloud infrastructures without worry.

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Automate cloud migration with Chef

Chef provided the automation Verisk needed to move an entire existing technology stack to AWS in less than 90 days.

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Make code better and keep data safe by shifting security and compliance left.

-Odie Routh, Optum

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