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Chef InSpec in 60 Seconds

Make your security and compliance journey easier and more certain.

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Today's Chef InSpec gives DevSecOps teams the tools they need to make compliance-based automation a reality in the cloud, on-prem, or on the edge.

Chef InSpec can be used on any system – It requires no agent – whether it's configured with Chef, Ansible, cloud, or VMware templates, or manually.

Chef InSpec gives you access to hundreds of baseline and system-hardening profiles that show you where you're vulnerable. Create your own custom InSpec profiles to analyze your unique environments.

When combined with the Chef Automate dashboard, you can set up recurring InSpec Jobs to scan your entire fleet. That means continuous compliance, and built-in reports can be easily shared across your DevSecOps teams.

Chef has been part of the DevOps revolution for more than 10 years and we continue to innovate like adding Compliance Phase. It allows you to easily bundle InSpec compliance and Chef Infra management in one step.

These are just some of the ways Chef is leading in DevSecOps. Learn more about the latest Chef InSpec features here.