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Chef and Ansible

Learn how Chef is different from and complementary to Red Hat Ansible

How Chef and Ansible Work Together

Traditionally, Chef has been compared to Red Hat Ansible in the context of configuration management automation. In addition to helping clients define and deliver infrastructure as code Chef offers a comprehensive set-of automated compliance and security solutions that can be used in conjunction with Ansible. Using Chef Compliance Audit clients can validate Ansible server and application configurations and reduce system vulnerabilities. 

Learn more by downloading the Chef and Ansible User Guide that gives practical examples on how Chef can be used in conjunction with Ansible to achieve continuous compliance. 




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Chef Adds Security and Compliance Automation to Ansible Deployments

Chef Compliance ensures your Ansible configuration code does not expose your organization to vulnerabilities. Chef Compliance validates your deployed configuration across applications and infrastructure. Many organizations use a combination of both Red Hat Ansible and Chef Compliance to shift left with both configuration automation and compliance.  With Chef users can test and validate Ansible Playbooks as part of the development process. In addition by leveraging Chef policies Ansible users get more centralized control over their environments.

Chef and Ansible workflow horizontal view Chef and Ansible workflow verticle view

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Why Chef

We believe that applications drive immense business value for companies.

Continuous Compliance

Chef Compliance closed-loop detect-and-correct capabilities and unparallel library of out-of-the-box certified audit and remediation content, CIS Benchmarks and DISA STIGs. Competitors have no equivalent to Chef Compliance.

Multi-cloud, Multi-platform

We provide solutions for all hybrid, on-premises, and cloud environments, ensuring consistent standards regardless of your infrastructure or OS. Our compliance content is certified across all three clouds- AWS, Azure, GCP.

Time to Value

You can ramp fast to get going with Chef Infra Language with build-in resources and helpers, 3000+ cookbooks used and supported by Chef Community.

Proven at Scale

Chef’s automation solution is flexible enough to manage tens of thousands of servers, configurations, and administrative policies in our dynamic compute environment. Learn how Facebook uses Chef to automate at massive scale.

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