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Enterprises today have to adapt to changing needs in application and infrastructure management – and Chef Automate helps empower organizations to embrace modern software practices such as DevOps and continuous delivery to build, deploy and manage software to meet customer expectations.

George Miranda, a Product Marketing Director here at Chef, recently spoke with Alexandra Leslie and Laura Stamey of Hosting Advice to talk about why Chef Automate promotes efficient and scalable collaboration.

Stamey states, “By enabling teams to deploy new code quickly, yet methodically, a trio of open-source projects from Chef help organizations increase deployment speed while decreasing risk.”

Before George joined Chef five years ago, he was a Chef user. His a-ha moment happened when he realized the value Chef can provide. “I realized that, by automating the things I do on a day-to-day basis, I’m not spending my time logging into servers and running commands.” The focus on community and collaboration was appealing to him as well.

Since Chef is a transparent and community-driven organization, we provide a platform for contributing back to others.

“It’s very easy to slice and dice that code into a shape that makes sense for your organization and still allow somebody to use that same code for an organization that looks completely different from mine,” George said. “I can do things in a shared, repeatable way and contribute that back to the open-source community that has given so much to me over the years.”

Chef isn’t intended for just one specific user – it is used to drive continued collaboration. Chef is designed to help companies utilize collaborative practices – like DevOps – to improve quality, speed and reliability of work.

“Not everyone needs to be a full-stack engineer, but Chef makes things a lot more accessible for groups who used to be completely separated in silos have conversations and understand what each other is doing. We’re all working together in code that the other groups can understand,” Miranda said in his conversation with Hosting Advice.

To learn more about how to collaboratively deliver software at speed, check out Chef Automate and join us at ChefConf, May 22-24 in Austin Texas, where we’ll get the brightest minds together to talk about automation in the enterprise. Register here!

Jamie Bright

Former Chef employee