Amazon EC2 AMIs for Ubuntu 10.04 and Chef 0.8.16

We have published new Amazon EC2 AMIs for Ubuntu 10.04 with Chef 0.8.16. The identifiers are:

  • ami-17f51c7e (Ubuntu 10.04, 32bit, Chef 0.8.16)
  • ami-eff51c86 (Ubuntu 10.04, 64bit, Chef 0.8.16)

The wiki page is updated with the AMI ID’s and now includes instructions on how you can roll your own AMIs.

Joshua Timberman

Joshua Timberman is a Code Cleric at CHEF, where he Cures Technical Debt Wounds for 1d8+5 lines of code, casts Protection from Yaks, and otherwise helps continuously improve internal technical process.