Chaithra Mailankody

Chaithra is an Associate Product Manager – Chef Desktop at Progress Software Corporation.

How to Group nodes via “Projects” in Chef Automate

How to use Projects on Automate

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Still Writing Scripts for Managing Endpoints/End-User Machines? There is a Better Way!

Chaithra Mailankody, Associate Product Manager, and, Sudeep Charles, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, at Chef, will present current trends and issues in scripting and how Chef Desktop, which focuses on codifying your fleet instead, can help you avoid them. We will also have Q&A session where a panel will answer all your questions.

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The Need to Automate Endpoint Management as Your IT Fleet Scales

Swamped with tickets from employees? Resolving a security incident? Are you trying to figure out how to generate reports for the upcoming audit? While an IT Administrator must deal with all of these, they also need to work on other planned projects. IT teams could manage their endpoints with existing tools for a small fleet of devices, but challenges arise when the device fleet scales.

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