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Berkshelf API Issues – Postmortem Meeting

Earlier today we were alerted to an issue where Berkshelf v3 clients were crashing upon attempting to download cookbooks. We were able to identify an issue where Supermarket was returning HTTP URLs instead of HTTPS URLs in the Berkshelf API Endpoint. We flushed the cache to correct the issue.

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Berkshelf v2 Outage Postmortem

The new Supermarket site became the official community site on Monday, July 7th, 2014 at 12:15 PM PDT. Shortly after the cutover we were made aware that the change broke compatibility with Berkshelf v2.x. This interrupted people’s ability to get work done and we are sorry. Even though Berkshelf v2.

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Supermarket Intermittent Unresponsiveness Postmortem

Approximately two hours after Supermarket became the official community site it started to experience increased latency and intermittent unresponsiveness. This made downloading cookbooks problematic and effected various sites including,,, and We are sorry for the problems this caused.

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Berkshelf v2 Outage and Intermittent Supermarket Unresponsiveness – Public Postmortem Meeting

Earlier today, we made Supermarket the official community site and the source of About 30 minutes after the transition to the new site was complete we started to get a few reports of issues with Berkshelf v2.x reporting errors.

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Supermarket Grand Opening

We are excited to announce the Grand Opening of Supermarket – the new Chef community site! On July 7th, 2014 at 12:00 PM PDT (2014–07–07 19:00 UTC) we will close the old community site and redirect all traffic to At that time, Supermarket will be the official community site.

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Changes to the Contributor License Agreement Process

With the soft-opening of Supermarket, we updated the process for signing a Contributor License Agreement, CLA. Supermarket has already started tracking CLAs. Unfortunately, because of the way this data has been stored in the past, we were not able to migrate the data.

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Soft-Opening the Supermarket

We are so excited to announce the soft-opening of Supermarket – the new Chef Community site. With a clean, responsive design and an open-source foundation, the doors have opened and are we are ready for our first visitors. The current community site will continue to be available at during this soft-opening period.

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