Dan Hauenstein

Dan was the Vice President of Product Marketing at Chef, helping companies understand Chef so they can achieve speed and outpace the competition. He spent 20 years in strategy, marketing, and enablement roles in the enterprise software space at companies including Hortonworks, IBM, Micromuse, and McKinsey & Co. Throughout his career he’s tried to make complicated subjects easy to understand, mainly by boiling them down to three bullet points.

Chef Automate Release – December 2017

Last week Chef announced the December release of Chef Automate, which builds on significant compliance automation capabilities delivered during 2017. Our customers use Chef Automate to detect and correct policy violations that indicate non-compliance with standards ranging from company policies to government regulations.

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Chef Automate Release – October 2017

Last week Chef announced Chef Automate 1.7, a notable release that integrates remote compliance scanning capabilities into Chef Automate. Now, organizations can add nodes and execute ad hoc remote compliance scans from Chef Automate without the need for an agent to be deployed on the node.

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Using Habitat to Build the Industrial Cloud at GE Digital

GE Digital has undertaken an ambitious effort to make possible a new generation of cloud-native industrial applications. With Predix, GE’s industrial cloud platform, GE business units and industrial companies can build and run applications to deal with all sorts of substantial machinery, ranging from power generation equipment to airplane engines to locomotives.

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Understanding Continuous Automation

High velocity companies – those that can quickly turn ideas into digital experiences for customers – use automation to get there. The concept of continuous automation is therefore generating a lot of interest. But what is continuous automation? What are the benefits? And how do you get there?

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Chef Automate Release – August 2017

Last week, Chef announced Chef Automate 1.6, which provides significant new capabilities to help organizations reduce risk, improve efficiency, and increase speed.

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Chef Announcements: Lighting the Path from Here to There

Technology shifts, such as the moves toward cloud-native applications and container-first architectures, make it clear that tomorrow will look very different from today. But how to get from here to there? Today Chef announced a host of new product features, partner offerings, and skill-building opportunities that, taken together, light a path for enterprises to follow.

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